Sometimes, My slave needs to be restricted more, put in his place even more than I have done already. But what is the best way to keep a slave from having the choice of moving around and feeling like a human being? A cage can be exactly what I need, to keep My slave where I tell him to.

If My slave has done well in his training, though he seems to still forget he is just a slave and nothing but a slave, a cage is one of the best options I have to show him where he stands. Because it will keep him in a confined area. Plus the connection between the cage and the pet is obvious.My slave will completely forget his life before he becomes my pet.

You, slave, might go willingly into the cage, thinking this will simply be a fun way of being bound and trapped by Me. But this is not for your pleasure. And very soon you will figure this out!

It never hurts to dress My slave up like a dog or some other humiliating outfit when he goes into the cage.  I will make sure you are trained as you should be – with a bowl of water, dog food to eat, etc. This is your place, after all. Well, I might also want to use bondage on My slave in the cage to keep him completely restricted. Then you will have time to think about your bad behaviour for a while. You will certainly not be bad after that punishment.

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