Mistress Emma The Hague, Meesteres Emma Den Haag. Money slavery, Absolut slavery

Money Slavery! My absolute control over you!

You slave, constantly claim your loyalty to your Mistress, emphasizing your submissiveness! How often did you promise me you would do anything and everything to please me? It is a time to put your money where your mouth is, slave! I will put you to the ultimate test, challenging you to show your devotion to me, your Mistress Emma!

You will hand over to me that one responsibility you still had control over: your wallet! As from that moment I will control not only your body, soul, needs and desires but also your finances. I will decide when and how you can spend your money. You will give me full control over you and your life. Perhaps for a week, a month or even longer, all depending on how deep you want to show your devotion to your Mistress.

You wonder how this will function? Quite simple slave! At the beginning of the period, you will hand me a list of all financial transactions you anticipate, e.g. your mortgage, your rent, tax for your car etcetera. And obviously, you will add to that list all other expenses you need to make, like your daily coffee, a lunch or going out with your friends. You will let me know how much gas you need to buy for your car or how much the public transports costs. Obviously, I expect to find on the list also gifts for your Mistress! Based on that list I will allow you to spend money. It is me who decides if and when you go out for lunch.And again it is me who grants you a night out with your friends. I will allow you the payment of the rent, the electricity bill or the community tax. Also, I will decide whether you take the bus to work or you will have to walk.

I might decide on a daily allowance. Remember slave, I will decide how much money you can spend every day of the week. It might be 5 euro one day and 15 euro another day. You might find yourself in a position you cannot spend any money at all. Perhaps You may hand over to me your credit card. Not for me to spend money but obviously you have to ask me for permission to use it and you will have to collect your card at my place and for sure I will demand an explanation.

No matter how I control your financial life slave, you always will have to explain why you have spent money, what was the purpose? Well, if I think you spent your money in a wrong way, I will limit the amount of money you may use in the period to come. And you know why slave! I do control your needs and desires and thus it is me, Mistress Emma, who is determining what and when you can spend money.

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