Serving Mrs Emma – PART 2

Finally, after more than 13 months I was able to meet with Mistress Emma. I nervously pressed the doorbell and listened to the sound of her boots approaching the door. Once the door opened there She was, dressed in a red latex dress with matching thigh-high boots. I gasped for air and from that moment I was under Her spell. I followed Her to the playroom and sat on the couch, Mistress Emma sat comfortably on her throne and started with the fact, that it took too long for me to see her. I have to admit that 13 months is a long time.  Well slave,  She continuous, let me tell you what I have in mind for you today since you have such an interest in “The Ultimate Punishment Story” I was thinking of re-playing parts of that with you...

I’m not going to kidnap you, don’t you worry, but I will make sure you have a wonderful time, She says with a big smile. Wow, that was unexpected, I have been playing that scenario multiple times in my mind. How it would be to be punished like that. Yes, Mistress - I whisper, that would work for me, but please keep in mind I’m meeting people later today and I have to be presentable. Mistress assures me She will consider my request. She asks me if I remember the safe words, which I do. Then I’m sent off to the bathroom to take a shower and freshen up.

When I re-enter the playroom Mistress awaits me and reminds me of my place. I kneel down and start kissing her gorgeous boots. After a while, I am commanded to stand up. She
first straps the collar to my neck, and I’m starting to realize that pretty soon I will be Her toy and at Her mercy. The collar is adjusted and now She uses some device to put rubber bands on my nipples, this is something new and it initially hurts, but Mistress continues and attaches the leather wrist straps on my left and right wrist. Subsequently, I have to put my right foot on the bench so she can easily attach the ankle straps and once it is firmly attached I repeat the same exercise for my left foot.

Slave, bend over! She whispers, and before I know it my but is plugged with a metal but plug, but I feel lucky after all, in the story the slave gets a humongous dildo inserted. One more surprise awaits me... The ball crusher... Carefully attached and used to crush my balls again at Mistress her mercy. How far will it go? Metal chains are used to bind my arms behind my back, while the straps on my left and my right ankle are connected making it almost impossible to move my feet. Instead, the only thing I can do is to carefully shuffle my feet maybe a few cm one in front of the other to slowly and carefully move forward on my way to the cell for who knows how long. Something is attached to the head of my cock, of course, the torture is not complete without some electroshocks.

The door is locked behind me and Mistress advises me to rethink what I could do to improve myself and better serve Her. I hear the sound of Her boots fading away and I have
no idea if I ever will be free again. I can feel the electro-torture kicking in, which luckily doesn’t cause a lot of pain. Meanwhile, lots of things are going through my mind, what is
Mistress doing, when will I be freed again, but I seem to have lost sense of time. When Mistress returns she asks how the electro is going – I have to admit - the electro seems to be a walk in the park. Obviously, this is a reason for my Mistress to adjust the electrodes that are now attached to my balls – how about it now slave is this any better? The cruelty in Her eyes is surreal!!!

Yes Mistress, I mumble, while the pain intensifies to a level so high I have to scream and beg for mercy. But all I have to do is to carry on. I did lose the sense of time
but after a while (minutes/hours) I’m released from the prison and my shackles are removed and I’m free to move again. Free seems a big word, because I’m still Mistress her toy and I have to prove myself. What I would do with Her Big Black Cock - She strapped on if I could do (within her limits) whatever I can think of to please Her. I told Her I would kiss, caress, and stroke her beautiful BBC. That I was willing to take her BBC in my tight ass which has been without cock since the last time we met. Mistress smiles and seems to enjoy my words.

Meanwhile, Miss Emma sits on the bondage bench and I work my way up caressing her boots and taking the BBC in my mouth as deep as I can. While I do my best to enjoy Her, She takes my cock between her boots and gives me some pleasure. However, it doesn’t last very long as She puts the soles of her boots on my chest and uses it as a doormat .... After some time I’m directed to fuck swing which is waiting for me in the corridor. The swing is at precisely the right height making it very easy for my Mistress to penetrate my tight ass with her BBC. Mistress starts slowly and fuck me deeper and deeper until it goes in completely which enormously pleases her.

Well done, slave I didn’t think you could take it all the way, carry on ... She stops moving and I have to literally “go fuck myself” not as easy as you may think, but once you have the rhythm you feel in heaven. The fucking and self fucking go on for a while until Mistress decides it is enough with the pleasantries. I’m going back to the playroom take a sip of water and listen to what Mistress has in mind for me. Slave, how do feel about sounds? I’m telling my Mistress that I’m somewhat reluctant to try it. The idea of putting something in my penis horrifies me, but I do not want to disappoint the Mistress! Will my fear take control of my desire to please the Mistress? We can use a rubber sound, this is flexible ... The desire to please the Mistress and try something I have not done encourages me to try this new experience.

I’m taking place on the bondage bed and Mistress put her stunning boot very close to my body. I’m in heaven ... May I touch your boots, Mistress? Of course, slave, you can take your mind off your penis and the sound I’m going to insert slowly, don’t look if you don’t want to. I’m touching the boots to take my mind away from what is happening to me. Slowly Mistress continues and once it is fully inserted She says: Look, slave, all the way! Good job! She uses a vibrator to harden my cock. The feeling is pleasant and I become rock-hard. Is She going to make me cum? Does it fit in the game, do I earn it, so many questions only Mistress can answer and decide what is good for me. But in this experience, I got a little cock pleasure when She uses a vibrator to harden my cock. The feeling is pleasant and I become rock-hard, but that is all I get nothing more nothing less.
I hope our next session is not that far away and I am already looking forward to it.


Thank you very much for the experience and hope to serve you soon.