Live chat With Mistress Emma

Hello, there slave. Are you feeling lonely? Do you feel the weight on the world on your shouders today? Would you like to talk about it? To let it all out? Perhaps to set yourself free, even for just a little while? Maybe you have so many things to say and yet you are not sure how to do so? Well I have good news for you. Here I am. To welcome you into my world. To offer you a shoulder to cry and an open mind that can understand your strugle.

What if you are feeling fine and just don't have any experience with BDSM at all, but you have interest into it? Well you are welcome to my chatroom. There we can talk about the magic of the BDSM. I will be a to answer all the questions you may have and put your mind at ease before you proceed with your live session. You can ask me anything you want, without worrying how is your question gonna sound, or what would be my reaction to it. We all have started somewhere, so you won't be shamed, but you will be given proper information as to how it works, or how to prepare yourself mentally and physically for that experience.

And of course all of my slaves abroad, who can't travel at the moment. You don't really have to stay far away from me, well at least not emotionaly. This is a great possibilitie for us to meet, talk and even play. Now finally you can be in my company again and bossied around. I have desided to broadcast from my studio 2x a week, and from home the rest of the time. How can you book your chat/session? Pretty easy actually. All you have to do is to call/app me here: 0031 68 430 17 01 and I will explain further.

See you...