Mistress Emma - Interrogation


I know you have the information I want! It is in your head and be sure I will get it out of there! You see, I already captured you, blindfolded you, restraint you with handcuffs and brought you to my secret dungeon. And this is just the beginning of conditioning you!

I brought you here for a reason. You must tell me all you know. Give me the code now and I do not take no for an answer! Tell me where is the hiding place! Where are the valuables I am looking for? Tell me, tell me now! Do you really think you can refuse my request? Well, I will not wait patiently until you give me what is mine: the information hidden inside your head.

You have no idea about my methods to break you, do you?

When I start torturing you, you soon will find out about what I can and will use to make you tell. I might use my feathers to tickle your feet or I will use ducktape to smother you. More interesting will be to see how long you can sit on your knees while I hit your back with one of my canes. Your back will turn red and the marks will glow more with every strike. And then, I will demand once more you tell me what I want to know, what I rightfully ought to know.

You still resist? How long can you hold your head under water, it is called waterboarding, and it feels like drowning. I can put your hands in ice, you will soon lose the feeling in your fingers. Or perhaps I just tie you to the cross and let my whips do all the talking for me. And if you think this is it, I will, without hesitation, start using my electro kit. Electrocution to a near death is a very effective way to make you talk.

I will ask from time to time if you are now prepared to tell me. And make no mistake slave, you will eventually reveal all your secrets and tell me everything I want to know. You thought you could keep a secret from your Mistress? I don’t think so!

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