Slave, Submissive

Slave, Sumissive

You slave will communicate with complete honesty your needs, desires, limits, and experience. You realize that failing to do so will not only prevent me to be your Mistress but also you from having the best experience possible. Besides, it can lead to physical and emotional harm. You will not try to manipulate Me. You will not push to make a scene to get the way you feel it should. You will keep an open mind about trying things that you are not accustomed to or comfortable with and expanding your limits. You will continue to grow as a submissive and as a human being. You will accept the responsibility of discovering what pleases me as your Mistress and will do your best to fulfill my wishes and desires.

You slave will be responsive to me as your Mistress, you will not try to hide what your mind and body are feeling so that you may assist me in my responsibilities as your Authority. Slave, you know that Your Dominatrix it’s not telepathic and you will not expect me to know your thoughts or feelings which you do not share with Me.

You will never think yourself a weak because you choose to submit yourself to Me. You will be careful of sharing the experiences you have had as a sub. You know that your actions reflect upon Me – your Mistress and you will do the best to help others to see me in a positive way. You will not intentionally embarrass or displease Me – your Mistress!

Above all, you will wear your title of submissive with honour. You will never cause others to think that being submissive means to be weak or sub – human. You will take pride in who and what you are and will never show yourself in a negative way!

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