Complete slavery! What more can I possibly desire?

I have been a loyal servant of Mistress Emma for a long time now. And I prefer nothing else. It will always be the case for me, I hope. Although I regularly come by for sessions, I felt that something was missing. My daily life had been a mess for a while and I felt I needed guidance in it as well. Better said I felt that I had to decide nothing more because it would only go the wrong way.

I called Mistress Emma to speak up about this and as always, my Supreme Goddess immediately understood me. Mistress Emma came up with the suggestion to have daily contact.  I would have to report promptly every morning at 8 am and give a report of what I was going to do on that day.

With this report I have to pass on every detail of my day like what do I eat, what do I drink, and when. What is the plan for my day what am I going to do, whom am I going to meet? My Mistress indicates per activity whether she gives permission for this, prohibition or how I should fill it in differently. In this way, she has daily control over my life. One of the most drastic things was that I had to stop smoking immediately, which I had been doing for 12 years. But I do everything for my Mistress so I could do nothing but obey Her.

In addition to the report, I also receive a goal/assignment every day. This assignment I must complete in the specified period of time with proof by means of photo/video. Some assignments are fun, but others are less fun or difficult. But for Mistress Emma, ​​I am all over and will do everything without even complaining.

Control of my life has only gotten bigger and more exciting. By wearing a chastity belt, paying daily costs to my Mistress for checking my life and signing a new slave contract. It contains everything I have to do, what my obligations are and what the consequences are for failure or disobedience. This has become a long list that I am very proud of it as a slave!

Mistress Emma knows very well what complete control means and does this with so much love and care that you can do nothing but let it come over you. I have now reached the point where I have really let go of everything and actually leave everything to my Mistress. This gives me so much happiness and energy knowing that I have such a wonderful owner who watches over me. It will certainly not always run smoothly, but I know that my Mistress is there to get me back on the right track. Thank you, Mistress Emma, for everything and I hope your influence will only get bigger and bigger in the future.


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