Mistress Emma Den haag, Meesteres Emma

She looked at me and asked me whether something is wrong? I replied: “no Mylady, should anything be wrong?” She looked angry and was wondering whether I had no clue at all or that I was just being plain stupid. Well, as always, it was me being stupid.

A few days prior to my visit to my Mistress I requested her help. I have sent her a message stating I needed her help very badly. I was extremely horny and was considering going for a pay-date. But I know this would be so wrong and just in time, I begged my Mistress for help. And as always, she did. She talked with me, make me realize I was wrong and gave me some tasks to get rid of my distraction. I was glad I only made a small mistake and so I forgot about altogether.

But not my Mistress, she never ever forgets anything and before I knew it, I was tied to a bench, a type not yet familiar to me. She tied me down and started to slap me with her bare hands. What a strength she is able to develop, I am amazed every time again. After the slapping Mylady used a huge variety of whips on my bottoms, my back and the backside of my upper leg. I cried and cried and tried to protect my bottoms with my hands. That made my Mistress very angry: “accept the punishment number 1 slave. Accept the punishment or leave!”. I bowed my head and thanked her for this guidance and valuable lesson and asked her to continue with the punishment.

A cane in the hand of my Mistress came down on the soles of my feet. 10, 20, 30 times, I do not remember how much but it was extremely painful. And just when I thought it was all over she grabbed a metal whip from the fireplace and started to cuddle me, and as I had not had this sensational pain before I, again, cried for mercy.

Mistress Emma is strict, she is tough but she is also righteous. So, after I was punished enough (although I assume she can never punish me enough for all my mistakes) she talked to me and gave me a compliment on the fact I had called in for help so she could prevent me from making a big mistake.

And a reward it was. Mylady gave me permission to massage her feet, to lick the soles of her feet and to suck her toes. She knows this is heaven for me. Her humble number 1 slave loves her tiny, beautiful feet. I get really horny when I see them, feel them, smell or taste them. I love my Mistress for being my Mistress but when she allows me such great pleasure I know she is the best there is. And guess what, she granted me another great privilege: I was allowed to come. She gave me JOI, made me edge for a while and finally demanded me to come on her feet. It was the best orgasm in a long, long, long time and it seems I squirted for a minute. And after coming she was so good she let me lick my cum off her feet. This is my Mistress: she knows how to balance your life and make you realize that this is why you want to do everything and anything for her.

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