Disobeying my Mistress’s orders

Disobeying my Mistress’s orders

Not too long ago I asked the Mistress for permission to have an orgasm. I just had a long and hard day of work behind me, got home and picked up a beer from the fridge. After that I began to feel horny, so of course I asked for her permission, she luckily granted me one. Only 1 and then I was forbidden to have another one until she said I could.
A few days later unfortunately I couldn’t help myself and had yet another orgasm. Something I wasn’t allowed to. For one moment it felt good, but very quickly I got anxious, because I had disobeyed her. And I knew what that would cost me and what that would mean.

Therefore I knew that I had to confess everything to my Owner, my Goddess, my dark light. Unfortunately I knew, that Mistress Emma would be very unhappy with me for disobeying her. Knowing we had a session coming up very soon, I prepared for the worst.
She was very quick with showing her displeasure towards me for what I did (or rather didn’t). Goddesss Emma demanded an explanation (and better be a good one) of how this could have happened and why I did it. Because her orders were clear, only 1 and wait until further notice.
Struggling to find an answer/explanation I eventually told her how it happened. In the presence of the Mistress I always struggle to speak, but this time it was even worse, because no explanation I will give is going to spare me one single bit.
Needless to say, it wasn’t good enough, because I couldn’t do one simple thing. I failed! Once again I dissapointed her! She made sure I never forget it.

She tied me to the cross, kept telling how worthless and useless I am, and she was right. One simple task and I couldn’t comply. Meanwhile she brought out selection of whips and canes and she started hitting me, harder and harder, to make sure I will obey her with the next task she gives me.
A hard lesson to learn...
Eventually she untied me from the cross and ordered me to lay down on the floor. Then Mistress Emma put her magnificent boot on my throat an asked what I am.
At first I couldn’t reply, she asked if it was hard to talk (yes) and then lifted her boot and asked again what I was. I answered to her that I was useless and that I belong on the floor, beneath her feet. She agreed! Afterwards my Domme stood over me and to make me feel even more worthless she spat on my face, just as I deserved.

Mistress Emma  kept telling me that I am very useless, worthless and just one big screw up. And she is right.
At that point I was of no use to the Mistress anymore and she wanted me out of her sight.

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