Creating perfect art


Today my Mistress had another special session in mind. A day before the session, I received a hint that we are going to treat my skin all over my body until it has the right proportions and color. These were rather ominous words that I couldn't imagine much at the time. That would change soon….

I am on my way to my Mistress and I am quite tense. Of course, I am always a bit tense when I go to Mistress Emma, ​​but this time I was shaking. This, of course, had everything to do with the words I had heard from her yesterday. I arrive at Mistress Emma's Dungeon and ring the bell. She opens the door and I almost fall in love again when I see her. My Domina wore beautiful black leather heels, a tight leather legging above with a fire red corset.

She had her hair in a tight bun, something I had never seen before. Very long beautiful leather gloves that reached over her elbows. I noticed that I had been standing by the door for a while, watching my Mistress. She laughs gently and asks: "will you stay there, slave, or will you enter?". No, no, of course not Mistress, I apologized quickly. I enter and sit on the couch in the studio. Upon entering I immediately noticed that the SM bed was completely wrapped in foil. This actually caused me even more unrest. Mistress Emma sees this immediately and says with a laugh: "you don't have to be afraid slave now, that will come soon," she chuckled. She continues with: "How are you today, My slave?". Yes, good Mistress, "I said hesitantly".

I thought it was a bit of a strange question since I have to speak to my Mistress every day. It only made me more restless, and Mistress Emma's mischievous look didn't help. "Today we are going to do something very special slave and it will take longer than 3 hours". As usual, I booked 3 hours session with my Mistress. I didn't quite understand what she meant at first until I suddenly remembered that she had specifically instructed me to be free tomorrow, the day after, and the day after that. At first, I thought she would need me those days for a job or something I had to help her with. I now began to suspect that it could all be for today.

"Do you remember slave," she continues. "You once said that you would like to have your whole body full of stripes and blood through me your Mistress." I swallowed a few times and I remember saying it once. But that was more of a fantasy than doing it in reality. "Yes, Mistress, that's right," I answer in fear of the answer I was going to get. "Well, slave today is your lucky day because that's exactly what's going to happen. Today, I'm going to paint your whole body nicely again, grease it, and then paint it again. Layer by layer until it stays put ". The chills raged over by hearing these words and I repeated them in my head a few times. "Thank you, Mistress," I said hesitantly. After this, I was allowed to freshen up in the shower as always.

In all my time serving Mistress Emma, ​​I had never been in the shower for so long. I really had to mentally prepare myself for what was to come. Of course, I understood what the end result would be, but the means to it were big question marks in my head. After almost 20 minutes, I decide to get out. Because it was impossible to get out of everything that was to come. Once you are owned by Mistress Emma, ​​it will last forever. Your own will and feelings disappear and you get everything that your Mistress has in store for you.  Yes, it can be brutal once in a while but if Mistress Emma is happy at the end, then that is all that matters.

I enter the playroom naked and immediately get on my knees.

Every time I see my Mistress again I forget everything around me and I know what my purpose in life is. I get to suck her heels for a while and in the meantime, She tells me how happy she is already getting to know what I would look like at the end of the day. After this little pleasure, she gets up, grabs my hair, and pulls me towards the leather spanking couch. I am tied on my stomach with my butt backward. Because there is an elevation at the butt, you can very well put extra straps to get one completely stuck. This also happened now and every 30 cm from my back to my feet I got a belt that completely fastened me to the couch.

"So slave let's start painting at the bottom of your feet and then we will go slowly upwards". I get a gag again and I start to focus very much on what was to come. Strangely enough, I didn't get a blindfold, which I normally got. She probably wanted to see the fear in my eyes when I see what tools she takes to work on me. Mistress first takes a giant wooden cane and walks past me with it. I felt the cane run over my back, butt, and legs. When she gets to my feet she stops and I hear her step back. I first feel a few light taps on the soles of my feet and I try to get used to this feeling. Then there is a sharp tap on my feet and I want to scream.

The merciless taps continue to follow and slowly but surely I get used to the feeling. While I feel that, fear and doubt start to appear again. It didn't stop and she had been pounding the soles of my feet for 10 minutes. I hardly felt my feet anymore so at some point it didn't really matter anymore. After 15 minutes Mistress Emma finally stopped and I immediately sighed with relief. She comes to my head and whispers in my ear: "so slave now your feet have the right color and texture," she said with her well-known delicious mean smile. I did not want to know what my feet looked like, but I could feel how they would look. Mistress Emma stands behind me with the same cane again and strokes my legs with it.

"Slave now we are going to paint those beautiful legs of yours". She gives a few light taps on my calves and I immediately bite the gag because I know what is coming. After this light warm-up, she starts hitting my calves as hard and viciously as she did on the soles of my feet. I never got beaten here so the feeling was completely new and extremely painful. There seemed to be no end to this either, and tears filled my eyes with every new tap I received. After 10 minutes She stopped again and just when I thought I could catch my breath I feel the cane slide over my legs again. Immediately I bite the gag to prepare for the pain. Nothing came to my surprise and I hear Mistress Emma walk away behind me.

I open my eyes which I had closed in the meantime for the concentration and I see Mistress Emma standing in front of me with a glass of water. She takes off my gag and pours the water in my mouth. I drink the glass very quickly and she asks if I want another one. Then I nod very breathlessly yes, to which Mistress Emma says with a laugh: "later slave of Mine, let me paint your upper legs first a bit." The gag is quickly put back on and she stands behind me again with the same cane. Also, my upper legs were practically virgin in terms of being hit, so I prepared for the worst again. For minutes I am beaten again with the cane and I now start to move back and forth unconsciously in order to escape.

Mistress Emma had no message about this and just went on quietly. While she is working on my thighs she switches to my ass out of nowhere. With the same precision and speed, my ass is paralyzed quickly and the tears start to flow in abundance. When she finally stops I feel my entire lower body glowing and my eyes get heavy with fatigue. Mistress Emma gives me another glass of water that quickly went up again. Fortunately, I got a 2nd glass this time, and shortly after I fell asleep.

I wake up minutes later when I suddenly feel something cold on my feet. Mistress Emma rubbed my soles with ice cubes. This felt very nice because everything was burning. Then she continued on over my calves and through my knees, ending up on my thighs. That really felt divine and I wish it would go on forever.

When my ass has also received some attention from the ice cubes, Mistress Emma stands in front of me again. "Slave that was nice, wasn't it," she says with a big smile. "There is now a very nice undercoat paint on your legs, it only needs to be thicker and it is missing a little red." After these ominous words, I see her grab one of my most feared instruments: The Spikeroller. She walks past me triumphantly and stands behind me again. I feel the sharp points being pressed hard into my flesh, from my butt to my feet. Because my skin had already been beaten so much, everything had become immensely sensitive. Each roll was pressed harder and harder into me and I couldn't remember where to maneuver my body. After 20 minutes of pure hell, it finally stops.

I am exhausted and I feel drops of blood dripping from my legs and butts. Mistress Emma gives me water again and whispers in my ear: "Slave if you could see yourself now, you look so beautiful, one of my best works ever". I laugh at this and she continues: "but the painting is not yet finished slave of mine so hang on for your Mistress." This message came as no surprise because every time you think Mistress Emma is done with you, ​​she goes on for a little longer.

After half an hour of rest and my legs and ass were cleaned, I was released. Getting up was very difficult and it felt like there was a thick burning sheet over my lower body. Then I am guided to the Andreas cross and again I am very tightly fastened.

The straps that were fastened over my legs were extra painful because of the wounds that were already there. After being completely fastened again I hear the breath of Mistress Emma in my ears again: 'I think it is time for us to give your back some attention don’t you think slave, otherwise, it may feel lonely for being left out '. Mistress walks away from me again and I hear her rumbling behind me. Then I feel a whip slide over my back and shortly after the first hard blow follows. I immediately recognize the kind of pain, she had taken a single tail snake whip. This whip is very long and thin and it literally cuts your back. The sound of this whip is very loud when it is whipped upwards and causes pain before it has even hit my back.

This goes on for minutes and oddly enough, this was not too bad compared to everything I had gone through before. As if she heard I thought this she stops the snake whip and I hear footsteps approaching again. "We are going to spice things up, slave." She walks away again and I hear chains ringing in the sitting area. Immediately my mind goes out to the fireplace and I start praying that it is not what I think.

Unfortunately as so often what I feared came true. She had taken a whip in her hand made from chains, that had been resting in the burning fireplace all day. I can already feel the heat from the chains on my back when she comes close. For a moment she holds the hot chains against my sore ass and I scream in pain.

She repeats this a few more times until She thought it was enough. At least with the current game my Mistress was playing because when her voice comes back in my ears with the message: "slave now that you are used to the heat, we are going to give your back a final touch". Mistress Emma steps back and starts hitting me quite hard with the hot chains. This is a completely different feeling because the chains arrive more like bat strokes than whip strokes and the heat is added. After 10 long minutes, Mistress Emma has had enough of this and takes a step back to view her artwork.

Then She walks over to me and says: "Slave I am so proud of you again, I can do everything with you and you never complain. Thank you. " They say that words cannot heal, but these incredible words from my mistress melted away all the pain I had experienced in the past few hours. Mistress Emma releases me from the cross and I fall to the ground. I get some water from her again and I take a deep breath.

That was another special experience, I thought to myself. Just when that thought pops up I suddenly become very tense again. Because when I think it is over, there is usually more to come with Mistress Emma.

It felt like someone had thrown a bucket of water over my head and I woke up bathed in sweat. I don't see Mistress Emma anywhere yet, but I hear busy noises in the bathroom.

After 10 minutes Mistress Emma comes back in with a big smile on her face. "Come, slave," she says "I have a surprise for you". I crawl to the bathroom and when I enter I immediately get the chills. And I mean this in the literal sense because she had filled an ice bath for me. "So slave time to cool down your body for a while so that the paint can absorb well." I step into the bath with a toe and it is really cold but I have to keep going.

After a few minutes, I sit in the ice bath with my whole body and look terrified at a smiling Mistress Emma. I had no idea how long I had to stay here. Fortunately, that lasted about 2 minutes. I was completely paralyzed when I got out. After being dried off, I had to walk on my knees after Mistress Emma again. Naturally, I was still terribly cold and shivering like a straw. We re-enter the play area and I immediately look at the bed. It was still wrapped in foil and I immediately knew that the session was not finished yet ...

Mistress Emma urges me to lie on my stomach on the bed and fastens my ankles and wrists to the bed. She slowly crawls on the bed and reach my neck.

I feel Mistress Emma's warm tongue and lips slowly moving over my neck and I imagine myself in heaven. Then I hear my mistress say to me softly: "does this warm you up, slave". I say: "yes mistress never let it stop". She laughs at this and then continues: "Well slave I will certainly warm you up even more, but that won't be as comfortable as this

I had been rudely awakened from a beautiful dream, as Mistress Emma's words fell. She gets off the bed and rumbles in the back looking for something. I hear a rolling sound of it seemed like a kind of cart and mistress appears. In her hands she does indeed have a cart with, I think, 20 burning candles on it. I look at her again in horror and immediately knew what she meant by "warming up".

"We are going to grease this artwork and what could be better than a large hot wax layer over your body"? I was quite a fan of candle wax and it is also something I often consider pleasant. Only this time it was a little bit more extreme. Namely all 20 candles were going to be poured over my body until no speck of skin was visible. I think I lay there for almost 2.5 hours, where I was wrapped up in an increasingly thick wax layer. The heat on the cold body of the ice bath is extra sensitive and was very spicy, especially in the beginning. In time I got used to it and secretly enjoyed it a bit. When the last drop of candle wax has hit my body, Mistress Emma gets off the bed and examines the final piece of her artwork.

I am wrapped in thick dark red candle wax from my neck to the soles of my feet and the Mistress was visibly enjoying herself. It felt like my body had gained a few pounds and I felt it pulling everywhere. Mistress Emma lies down next to me and strokes my hair. After enjoying this pleasure for a few minutes she whispers in my ear: slave there is only one thing left to do and that is to take the painting out of the fat layer again to see the end result. " She gets off the bed and I was quite curious how she was going to take off all those kilos of candle wax...

Unfortunately, my question was answered quickly because she was suddenly standing above me with the cane and whip in hand ... In 10 minutes all candle wax was brutally knocked off my body once more and!

After a few minutes smiling Mistress Emma is close to me and am I actually forgetting everything because of that. How much I would endure for this Goddess I thought to myself and how lucky I can be myself with such a person on my side now?


Forever and always Mistress Emma,


Your humble slave casper


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  1. Hello there Samantha. You are welcome in My Dungeon, and more than welcome to feel My whips! Contact me via phone call to arrange the details! Looking forward to giving you an experience you will never forget!

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