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Hello there slaves! Lately my schedule as well as yours perhaps it has been a hot mess. Let's face it some restrictions takes place at the moment regardless of our desires. What a time we live in, indeed! However, I have decided to update you on my current schedule and availabilities, in order to avoid unnecessary calls and disappointments.

First and foremost alive sessions will take place once again after 1.08.2020, not a day earlier! Until then it is absolutely 100 % impossible for you to book one with Me!

Second - Online sessions are still possible to book. The tribute for that is 2 euro per minute!

How does it work? You give Me a short phone call (WhatsApp message is also allowed), where you salute me, inform me about the duration of the online session you want to book with me, and the preferred time you want to have it. Then I will provide you with the payment options. Upon payment, I will contact you again and give you some instructions as to how to prepare for the coming session and will do the scheduling.

Do not send me photos, videos, gifs, or a long description of yourself and your desires and so on, and so forth BEFORE  you have already booked my time and tributed for it. Disobeying this order will resolve in yourself being blocked immediately!

I do not do free chat, I do not exchange photo's videos, etc...

Respect My time and way of work, or get yourself banned from ever talking to me again!


Third - Availabilities:

I have decided to reduce my online time a bit and to enjoy the summer, the sun. To spoil Myself with a long vacation. Therefore I will be online only for pre-booked sessions.

If you app / call me and I fail to answer, just give me a bit of time. I will return the call in a time frame convenient for Me!

Enjoy the summer, slaves. Relax and recharge your batteries, because 1.09.2020 I am back and I intend to make it up for the lost time...




Quick reminder

The bookings for alive sessions for September has already started. My agenda is half full so far, so hurry up and book your alive session in advance, unless you prefer to wait till Oktober, possibly even November.

Alive sessions are booked only upon deposit payment. As you can imagine I am going to be incredibly busy September - Oktober - November. I have no time to loose with fake sessions. Therefore you are required to pay a small deposit fee as guarantee you intend to make it to our session. No deposit means no booking.



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