The ultimate punishment part 1

The ultimate punishment part 1

As a faithful slave of Mistress Emma, I have experienced many beautiful things where I will be forever grateful. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of going against my Mistress once. After half a day I realized how terribly wrong I was and I begged my Mistress for forgiveness. This was very expensive for me, it turned out afterward...

I am expected to report to the Mistress every day. To tell my daily schedule and to ask permission if I may carry out this plan or have to adjust by Mistress Emma’s will. I do this fairly faithfully every day. But in the last few days, I have heard nothing back every time. This started to irritate me in some crazy way and I decided to stop sending messages. That turned out to be a big mistake because, after 2 days of not having heard anything, I received a message from my Mistress. She stated that I had been unfaithful and had to be ready for the consequences.

To my surprise, I reacted very defensively to this! That fell very badly to Mistress Emma. Never before have I heard her speak so angry and my heart started pounding with the guilt that I immediately had. A few hours pass and after having gathered all my courage, I still call Mistress Emma. After a good conversation and asking for forgiveness a thousand times, it was somewhat good. Only, of course, I knew there would be serious consequences.

Mistress Emma said She would think about this in the coming days because it had to be something that I will never forget in my life! I feel so much fear in my body when I hear these words. But at the same time, the feeling of guilt dominates even more and I realize whatever is coming - I deserve it. I am the slave of Mistress Emma and my goal in life is to make her happy. Hence I will do everything to achieve that.

A few days pass and every day I wonder when will my Mistress come with the punishment sentence? She is actually just as nice as before and so I secretly thought maybe nothing will come after all. At this thought, I slap myself in the face because I know this is not the case! I am not allowed to think like that as Her pet. Then suddenly I receive an email. It is from Mistress Emma... I read through the email, then immediately again, and then just to be sure for the 3 and last time. I am in shock reading her mail:


After thinking for a while about what the best punishment is for your unacceptable behavior, I'm out. Read it carefully my slave and realize how difficult this is going to be for you! But also know that you owe this completely to yourself and deserve everything described below ...

After reading this piece I am already shivering with fear and as I continue reading that feeling does not get much better. There are several sentences, all imposed as a kind of punishment in a court case. Only the punishments also look like real criminal punishments and corporal punishment that are imposed in some countries... It goes like this:

- The slave will be locked up in the small dark cell in studio Doma for a total of 48 hours over a period of 5 days in a row (3x 12 hours and 2x 6 hours)

- The slave will also have to undergo 12 hours of torture divided over 2 days of 6 hours.

- The slave will begin his sentence on July 28, 2021, at 10 a.m. and will be detained until 10 p.m. after which the slave will go home and report to Studio Doma at the same time the next morning.

- The slave will receive 1 meal per day and will only receive water for the time spent in Studio Doma

- The slave will be completely and tightly handcuffed by hands and feet during captivity.

- The slave will be given 4 moments of 5 minutes per day to stretch the legs and walk around the prison outside the small cell.

- Also, the slave will wear the following things on or in his body during his imprisonment: the 3 sharpest nipple clamps chains, a 22 cm dildo will be inserted every day when registering for captivity and finally a chastity belt with shock function with each form of erection will be worn for 5 days.

- During the stay, Mistress Emma is free to do whatever She wants with the slave and there will be no stop word.


The following actions will be performed as a minimum during the 2nd part of the sentence in which the slave will be tortured for 12 hours:

- 1000 lashes with the single tail whip all over the body

- 2 hours in total, the slave will be trampled by the Mistress with her highest and sharpest heeled boots.

- The slave will be treated for a total of 1 hour with the spike roller over the entire body.

- The slave will be raped in total for 1 hour with the strapon, this is anal and oral.

- The slave will be hit in the face 100 times with a flat hand. During this operation, the Mistress will wear smooth leather gloves to enhance the effect.

- The slave will be on electricity for at least 2 hours wherever the Mistress desire it

Further actions are freely determined by the Mistress and will be performed without consultation. The Mistress will pay close attention to the health of the slave during the actions but will demand the utmost of his physical and mental state.

The above actions will be performed at all times. Even if it must take longer than the aforementioned 12 hours.

Financial settlement:

The cost of this penalty will be 5000 euros. The slave may immediately transfer this to Mistress Emma's bank account or give it in cash upon the first arrival.

I hereby agree to the above conditions and give permission to Mistress Emma to perform all of the above actions







……………………………………………… ..




I gasp for a moment when I have read everything. Now I am so deeply in shock that I forget for a moment what exactly I was doing. After a while, I decide to text Mistress Emma if what I just read is really correct. I get an answer to this a second later as if She knew I was reading it. Yes, slave, everything is correct She says. I'm just saying okay Mistress because I don't dare to go against Her again.

2 weeks pass and the date of the sentence is only 2 days away. While I am giving my daily report to Mistress Emma she hears the nerves in my voice and says to me: "slave you are nervous for over 2 days" "yes Mistress I answer. I get it slave but know I want to do this for your own best. Because it is important to expel the last bit of your own will that you have in you.

I want you to be the toy that I can pick up when I want. If that happens slave then you have achieved the highest possible achievement in your life. Then and only then you will be bound to me forever and have no chance of escape! Doesn't that sound great slave? I almost immediately answer yes Mistress that is my ultimate dream. Although I support these words 100% and really want it, my will would be tested a lot in 2 days ...