The ultimate punishment part 1

The ultimate punishment part 1

As a faithful slave of Mistress Emma, I have experienced many beautiful things where I will be forever grateful. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of going against my Mistress once. After half a day I realized how terribly wrong I was and I begged my Mistress for forgiveness. This was very expensive for me, it turned out afterward...

I am expected to report to the Mistress every day. To tell my daily schedule and to ask permission if I may carry out this plan or have to adjust by Mistress Emma’s will. I do this fairly faithfully every day. But in the last few days, I have heard nothing back every time. This started to irritate me in some crazy way and I decided to stop sending messages. That turned out to be a big mistake because, after 2 days of not having heard anything, I received a message from my Mistress. She stated that I had been unfaithful and had to be ready for the consequences.

To my surprise, I reacted very defensively to this! That fell very badly to Mistress Emma. Never before have I heard her speak so angry and my heart started pounding with the guilt that I immediately had. A few hours pass and after having gathered all my courage, I still call Mistress Emma. After a good conversation and asking for forgiveness a thousand times, it was somewhat good. Only, of course, I knew there would be serious consequences.

Mistress Emma said She would think about this in the coming days because it had to be something that I will never forget in my life! I feel so much fear in my body when I hear these words. But at the same time, the feeling of guilt dominates even more and I realize whatever is coming - I deserve it. I am the slave of Mistress Emma and my goal in life is to make her happy. Hence I will do everything to achieve that.

A few days pass and every day I wonder when will my Mistress come with the punishment sentence? She is actually just as nice as before and so I secretly thought maybe nothing will come after all. At this thought, I slap myself in the face because I know this is not the case! I am not allowed to think like that as Her pet. Then suddenly I receive an email. It is from Mistress Emma... I read through the email, then immediately again, and then just to be sure for the 3 and last time. I am in shock reading her mail:


After thinking for a while about what the best punishment is for your unacceptable behavior, I'm out. Read it carefully my slave and realize how difficult this is going to be for you! But also know that you owe this completely to yourself and deserve everything described below ...

After reading this piece I am already shivering with fear and as I continue reading that feeling does not get much better. There are several sentences, all imposed as a kind of punishment in a court case. Only the punishments also look like real criminal punishments and corporal punishment that are imposed in some countries... It goes like this:

- The slave will be locked up in the small dark cell in studio Doma for a total of 48 hours over a period of 5 days in a row (3x 12 hours and 2x 6 hours)

- The slave will also have to undergo 12 hours of torture divided over 2 days of 6 hours.

- The slave will begin his sentence on July 28, 2021, at 10 a.m. and will be detained until 10 p.m. after which the slave will go home and report to Studio Doma at the same time the next morning.

- The slave will receive 1 meal per day and will only receive water for the time spent in Studio Doma

- The slave will be completely and tightly handcuffed by hands and feet during captivity.

- The slave will be given 4 moments of 5 minutes per day to stretch the legs and walk around the prison outside the small cell.

- Also, the slave will wear the following things on or in his body during his imprisonment: the 3 sharpest nipple clamps chains, a 22 cm dildo will be inserted every day when registering for captivity and finally a chastity belt with shock function with each form of erection will be worn for 5 days.

- During the stay, Mistress Emma is free to do whatever She wants with the slave and there will be no stop word.


The following actions will be performed as a minimum during the 2nd part of the sentence in which the slave will be tortured for 12 hours:

- 1000 lashes with the single tail whip all over the body

- 2 hours in total, the slave will be trampled by the Mistress with her highest and sharpest heeled boots.

- The slave will be treated for a total of 1 hour with the spike roller over the entire body.

- The slave will be raped in total for 1 hour with the strapon, this is anal and oral.

- The slave will be hit in the face 100 times with a flat hand. During this operation, the Mistress will wear smooth leather gloves to enhance the effect.

- The slave will be on electricity for at least 2 hours wherever the Mistress desire it

Further actions are freely determined by the Mistress and will be performed without consultation. The Mistress will pay close attention to the health of the slave during the actions but will demand the utmost of his physical and mental state.

The above actions will be performed at all times. Even if it must take longer than the aforementioned 12 hours.

Financial settlement:

The cost of this penalty will be 5000 euros. The slave may immediately transfer this to Mistress Emma's bank account or give it in cash upon the first arrival.

I hereby agree to the above conditions and give permission to Mistress Emma to perform all of the above actions







……………………………………………… ..




I gasp for a moment when I have read everything. Now I am so deeply in shock that I forget for a moment what exactly I was doing. After a while, I decide to text Mistress Emma if what I just read is really correct. I get an answer to this a second later as if She knew I was reading it. Yes, slave, everything is correct She says. I'm just saying okay Mistress because I don't dare to go against Her again.

2 weeks pass and the date of the sentence is only 2 days away. While I am giving my daily report to Mistress Emma she hears the nerves in my voice and says to me: "slave you are nervous for over 2 days" "yes Mistress I answer. I get it slave but know I want to do this for your own best. Because it is important to expel the last bit of your own will that you have in you.

I want you to be the toy that I can pick up when I want. If that happens slave then you have achieved the highest possible achievement in your life. Then and only then you will be bound to me forever and have no chance of escape! Doesn't that sound great slave? I almost immediately answer yes Mistress that is my ultimate dream. Although I support these words 100% and really want it, my will would be tested a lot in 2 days ...

The next 2 days go terribly slow. Every hour of the day I am mentally preparing for what was to come. Every time I thought - now I'm ready, it turned into a big fear again. Anyway, I knew that all that awaited me was fully deserved so I make it up to Mistress Emma. In the end, that thought still remained the strongest, and I went into it with full courage. Well, something like that. It's the night before my punishment camp and I get another sweet message from my Mistress. Am I ready, and that She's sure I'll make Her proud. With these encouraging words, I go to bed, and surprisingly, I fall asleep very quickly. I wake up, change my clothes and quickly check whether everything is neatly depilated. My Mistress didn't let me eat anything so I only drink a few glasses of water.

The only clothes I put on are old sweatpants and an old sweater. My Mistress didn't let me wear underpants. I had to choose clothes that could be dirty or broken. No idea what she meant by this but really thinking about it for a long time didn't make any sense.  Everything was possible this week. When I have everything, I go out the door to go to the studio. I'm on the train and I feel my heart beating in my throat. Then I wondered what would happen today. Would I be locked up today or am I going to be tortured right away? While all these questions are running through my head, the phone suddenly rings - Mistress Emma. I pick up and I hear the Divine voice in my ears saying these words: Hello slave, I hope you slept well because you will need it.

As soon as you ring the bell at the studio, I want you to be on your hands and knees with your collar already on. You don't say a word, so don't say hello to Me either! Then you wait for further instructions. These rules apply for the whole week. The only thing you are allowed to use your mouth for is to yell or scream if you are not gagged. Is that clear, slave? Yes, Mistress, I answer and She hangs up. I let the words sink in for a moment and the palpitations, strangely enough, become less. As if I needed these words to really realize that this is really serious and there is no escape. I arrive at the studio. Put on my collar. Ring the bell and sit on my hands and knees in front of the door. The moment had really come…

Mistress Emma opens the door. I look up in admiration at what my Mistress is wearing. To start with, I see a pair of very nice black, long, high leather boots. Combined with a pair of black leather trousers that fitted beautifully around her legs and buttocks. Above that, She was wearing a business-like suit, also made of black leather. With a blood-red leather blouse underneath and a black leather tie on top. Her hair was tightly tied in a bun and her lips were bloody red. While I look at her in full admiration, I get a friendly smile.

Hello slave, welcome to the toughest week of your small, puny life. She pulls out a leash and leashes me on my collar. When we are inside, She fastens me with clothes to the Andrew's cross in the hallway. She walks away and emerges with a pair of scissors.

First, She starts cutting my sweater completely open and throws the sweater remnants on the floor next to Her. Then She goes downstairs and starts cutting the pants open at my crotch. I swallow because this was a bit scary. Mistress Emma noticed this immediately and started laughing: calm down, slave I will keep it all intact... She said with another laugh. But She goes even further down and cuts my socks open. After I am completely undressed, well cut out I should say, She takes out a heavy metal hand and ankle cuffs and puts them on me. She connects these shackles with heavy chains and steps back to view her work. Miss Emma smiles and goes away for a while to get some new stuff. After 2 minutes She returns with a large metal tool that looked like a chastity device.

In addition, She had a kind of head harness in her hands. That could be placed over your head as tight as possible so that even your head has no freedom of movement.

My Goddess fastens everything and then says: Look slave that's more like it. She pulls out a remote with buttons on it. Then Mistress Emma looks at me and presses a button. I start to feel a fierce burning sting in my private parts. This takes about 30 seconds and then the pain slowly subsides. "Look slave this is your shock chastity device. I can always activate it myself and if you swell to a certain level there will be an automatic shock." This was the lowest and shortest setting to briefly introduce you to the type of pain. From now on erections are forbidden and I will put it on the hardest longest setting.

The pain will be 3x as bad and it will take 2 minutes for each shock you get. I start to gasp and feel tight, but my Mistress calms me down with soft and endearing words.

I am taken off the cross and dragged with all chains and shackles to the bathroom. There I am ordered to hang over the tub with my buttocks up. Then I hear a rumble behind me and of course, I already know what was coming. I hear a squirting sound as if someone is squeezing shampoo out and there is silence… Shortly after I hear the heels slowly come closer until I feel a wet rubber glove slide over my ass. She does this for a few minutes and more and more towards my butt crack. Suddenly a finger is inserted into me and She starts to go back and forth hard.

Then a finger comes in another, and another. Until putting all five fingers and her whole hand presses into me. I start to moan because this was a feeling I had never experienced before. "Yes, slave now you can still enjoy it, let's see how you like it after 5 days. My head comes back to reality and I stop moaning. After a few minutes, Miss Emma removes her hand from me and I hear the tapping heels of boots slowly move away.

A moment later I hear her coming back. She grabs my collar and jerks my head up. "Look slave you're going to have this in you for 36 hours. The fear strikes because in front of me I see a very large black cock. I immediately understood where it went. She pushes my head down again and stands behind me.

Slowly I feel the dildo pressing against me when suddenly with a big push it is pushed hard into me. She lets it sit in this position for a while so I can get used to the feeling. Slowly She pushes the whole dildo into me until it is all the way in. I hear a really loud laugh behind me and She kicks my ass with the dildo in it.

It's so deep and tight that I accidentally push it out a little bit. "mm" I hear the Mistress say "we have to do something about that". She leaves and soon returns. Then pulls me up by my band and orders me to stand. Now I feel it really bad and it's starting to hurt too. The Mistress stands in front of me and has a large leather belt with sharp, protruding points.

She puts the belt on my ass and I can feel the points drilling into my flesh. "So that's better, slave," She says triumphantly. Then She pulls out another kind of belt. It also has sharp protruding points. I could immediately see from the shape that it was my nipples were destined. Mistress Emma also puts it on tight and this one is even more painful than the one on my ass. She steps back to take a look at me and orders me to get down on all fours again. So, slave, She says you are all set for your captivity.

I am escorted to the cell. In the cell, you see a small dark cage at the bottom that can be opened and that would become my home for the next few days.

"Okay slave a few rules: as you can see this cell is very small so you will have to stay somewhat curled up in it. I'll put a big water bottle outside. And a really long straw that I'll put in the small opening of the cell so you don't get dehydrated. "But slave," She continues. Only drink what is necessary, you get 2 toilet breaks and every extra toilet visit will cost you 10 kicks in your balls. Urinating or other things in the cell are strictly forbidden. If you do, you will receive 30 kicks in your balls. So, think slave, think.

Miss Emma crawls and pushes me into the cell with all the chains and the door closes on me. I see a small light bar where the opening is, but otherwise, it is pitch dark.

I only just got into it and immediately start to understand why this was going to be so hard. The space was so small that you couldn't stretch your legs or arms and in terms of height, it was no more than a meter. Add to that all the toys that were put in or on my body and you know this is going to be hell. Time awareness actually disappears immediately and every minute starts to feel like an hour. Meanwhile, I hear lightly that Mistress Emma receives other slaves while I am locked up. This gave me such a liberating feeling in a crazy way that I could relax and enjoy my time peacefully. After I don't know how long I hear the cell door open and heels tapping closer. Once the door opens, I look up at my Divine Mistress.

She smiles kindly and says - Time for your toilet break. I had been drinking a lot so I really had to. Miss Emma stays next to me in the toilet as if I'm not doing anything crazy. Not that this was possible since there was an electro-chastity device around my private parts. I'm done and I'm put back in the cell again. The door closes and again I hear the many locks that lock to prevent me from escaping. Not that this was even remotely possible, but it gave me a nice feeling again. I had really become a toy to her now and would only get better...or worse whichever way you look at it...

Now firmly locked up, once again I can hear the front door open and close, the people coming in, the laughter at the beginning, Mistress Emma's beautiful voice, and shortly afterward the piercing screams of her slaves! And there I am locked away, hidden, almost forgotten about...almost. I secretly hope my time will come to enter the playroom and feel my Mistress's treatment all over my body. And at the same time, I am also terrified by what will come next my way. So far She had followed closely every word she mailed me. The anticipation is perhaps the best part. Waiting for Her... for her time and undivided attention...Her laughter, while She plays with you...The pain She delivers with a firm hand. I get carried away in my own head.

But then I hear My small prison door being unlocked. Mistress Emma is right there in front of me. The flame in her eyes was more visible than ever. Don't you ever get tired I think to myself, but know better than to ask such a stupid question. She drags me up rather harshly and pulls my leash into the playroom. I was placed onto a spanking bench and She proceeded to remove my head harness and hit me the exact total of 100 times with her leather-gloved hand. Right cheek, then the left then the right, and left again and again and again. My skin is burning. Mistress Emma is not kidding. She hits me as hard as possible and tears start rolling down my cheeks, but I stay silent. I thank her in my head only - still not allowed to speak - and do my best to look into her eyes as she delivers my punishment. After all, I am not a coward. I can do this and show Her... She will be proud of me once again!

Somehow I expected that after this harsh punishment, I would be allowed to go home, but instead, my Mistress put out a dog bowl with food in front of me and kicked me down on the ground. Then She explained that I had 10 min to eat before we carried on further. It is extremely hard to eat out of it, I am cuffed, so I can only use my mouth to feed myself, I need a moment to get the hang out of it, but by then, my feeding time was over and the food was taken away from me and poured into the trash right in front of my very eyes. I was so hungry, that I contemplated helping myself with it even from the trash, but of course, I was not given such a choice. Instead, I was taken by my leash, the harness back on my head, the blindfold neatly placed over my eyes, and then chained to the bed. Then I felt the unmistakable touch of the pinroller. Countless needles were shoved onto my skin deeper and deeper. Rolling back and forth on my neck, back, legs, and torso. Rolled over my sensitive exposed skin.

I am not sure was it due to the pain or perhaps due to the sense of Mistress Emma, but shortly after She began... I started to get an erection. And then I felt it. Hard, painful, and strong. A jolt of electricity concentrated in my crotch area. So intense, I told I was heaving a heart attack. My whole body shivered. I clutched my hands into fists and screamed in high high-pitched tone. But it wasn't going anywhere. It wasn't changing or fading either. Was it 2 min as I was promised? 20 perhaps? Or maybe a whole hour? I have no idea. The only thing I know is - once it stopped I was barely breathing. Mistress Emma laughed at me and simply said: I WARNED YOU, SLAVE!  Then she carried on as if nothing had happened! Mean Devil of a Woman. That's who She truly is. Nothing shorter than The Devil himself!!!

Once she had enough of the pin roller, Mistress Emma packed me up, and sent me away in my little prison, wishing me to sleep tight. Well tight it was indeed. And painful, uncomfortable, and overall exhausting. Yet surprisingly, I was able to fall asleep. In fact, I slept for a few hours I reckon. But you could never have it easy with Mistress Emma. She woke me up at what I presume was already the next day ( in the dark prison there is no perception of time, no clocks, no calendars and I was not allowed my phone or belongings whatsoever, so I had no idea what date or time it was. I just get used, then locked away, then used again, and locked up once more. The circle is visious. After a few rounds of that alone you feel as though you are already losing your mind. You also see Her as your only savior. Your one and only hope! But the most crazy part for me? The longer I stayed Her captive, the more I embraced Her...I adored Her...I needed Her!

From this point on what happened to me is a bit of a haze. I still to this day struggle to put it all in order. I remember bits and pieces here and there, but what comes when I couldn't tell you. She refused to let me go, and instead kept me a prisoner of hers for 4 consecutive days. During this time I was beaten up, whipped, hung upside down on my wrists, caned, and mentally and physically tormented. I was fed a total of 5 times, but each time I had 10 min to eat (Surprisingly I was able to shove huge portions of food in my mouth and barely chowed on them since I was in fear that she would take it all away from me). I was forced into a bathtub filled with ice cubes when Mistress Emma decided it was time for a cleaning up. I was exhausted in every way shape and form of that word.

Yet, once I was released, unchained, and set home, I felt so sorry. I was so lonely just outside of Mistress Emma's door. Still on her floor, still on the stairs, I had this feeling that all the good things in my life had come to an end. I felt empty and desperate, so I turned back and rang the doorbell. Mistress Emma showed up, looked straight into my eyes, kissed my forehead, and whispered: GO HOME, TAKE A SHOWER AND REST! And just this little mercy filled me with hope. Perhaps I had done something right! Hopefully I am now once again in her good graces. I will call her this evening, and beg for my next session. Beg to find myself inside her world ASAP