Fetish session with a Divine being

Fetish session with a Divine being

For quite a while I have been one of the regular slaves of Mistress Emma and have therefore experienced and undergone a lot. But this session was everything I had never thought of going through.

Mistress Emma had been on vacation for more than 2 months. Unfortunately, I fell ill at the time and missed my Mistress very much. I suffered from it at the most unpredictable moments every day. So, you can understand that I was really looking forward to seeing my Goddess again. I am on the train again and actually experiencing the same excitement as during the very first session with Mistress Emma. I ring the bell and there she is again with her beautiful eyes, face, and body. Now I am truly happy again and I didn't really care what would happen next.

I had the honor to give a clothing request for my Mistress. So, she was standing there again in a beautiful full-body black lacquer suit with high heel boots. After I was able to talk with her wonderfully for the first time in ages, she comes up with an idea for the session. She has just returned from vacation and was immediately super busy actually. This is of course no surprise because Mistress Emma is a true gift for every slave. But Mistress Emma suggests that I can give her a full body massage while she is lying in bed in her full body lacquer suit. I was very surprised by this idea but also very excited of course. With Mistress Emma I almost always have extreme sessions because I like that too. This was something completely different….

Mistress Emma is going to lie very sensually in front of me on her stomach on the bed and I have to do my utmost not to get an erection right away because that is of course rude. There She is, ready for the massage. I am quite nervous and start very carefully at her calves and then slowly to the thighs. The feeling of the lacquer in combination with her beautiful body cannot be described! I go further and further up and then reach her divine buttocks. I don't want my Mistress to feel uncomfortable, so I do this carefully too. What is going through me now I cannot tell because I simply do not know anymore. From this moment I ended up in a trance, so deep and only attention to Mistress Emma. At a certain moment Mistress Emma turned and lies on her back.

While I gently start massaging her belly, she suddenly presses me against her. I understood what my Mistress demanded of me and went along with her.

The trance became deeper and deeper but at the same time, my concentration increased because I didn't want to do anything inappropriate to my Mistress. I suddenly hear the Divine voice from above how happy and proud She is of me and I get permission to spoil myself. There I am, my face exhausted, on the belly of Mistress Emma as She walks through her hair with her tender hands. This was by far the nicest feeling I have ever Had experienced!!!

After the session, Mistress Emma was very happy and I had not done anything inappropriate which of course made me very happy. I have again lost a part of myself to my Goddess and the sense of service has grown again. Thank you, Mistress, for another memorable session!


Your slave Casper