I’m not a very good writer, but I would like to share my most recent session with Mistress Emma. This is my third visit with Mistress Emma and this time I have scheduled a longer visit to give the Mistress enough time to educate and train me. After the formalities, I take a quick shower and return to the playground as per the instructions of the Mistress. The Mistress awaits me in a stunning red outfit with matching thigh-high boots. Humbly I kiss the boots while the Mistress asks me where I belong – Under your boots, Mistress! Are you sure, slave? That is her answer. Yes, Mistress! Turn around, slave and before I know it, Her boots are on my back, yes literally under Her boots … Now I’m instructed to turn around and She places one boot gently on my throat. Naturally, I’m vulnerable and at the mercy of my Mistress.

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