I’m not a very good writer, but I would like to share my most recent session with Mistress Emma. This is my third visit with Mistress Emma and this time I have scheduled a longer visit to give the Mistress enough time to educate and train me. After the formalities, I take a quick shower and return to the playground as per the instructions of the Mistress. The Mistress awaits me in a stunning red outfit with matching thigh-high boots. Humbly I kiss the boots while the Mistress asks me where I belong – Under your boots, Mistress! Are you sure, slave? That is her answer. Yes, Mistress! Turn around, slave and before I know it, Her boots are on my back, yes literally under Her boots … Now I’m instructed to turn around and She places one boot gently on my throat. Naturally, I’m vulnerable and at the mercy of my Mistress.

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  1. Hi my Goddess.
    i want to be Your photo editing slave and serve You.
    i would be honored to do all Your work on the photographs. i use all Adobe programs with Photoshop professionally.
    my only wish is to serve my Goddess if You allowed.
    my age is 34
    Please contact me and give me a chance to serve My Goddess.
    slave bora.

  2. Thanks for this exciting report. It clearly shows you get used by an experienced domina who knows exactly what she wants from you and enjoys your suffering during her abusing you. I hope I get lucky to once get this treatment.

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