Mistress Emma is back!

Hello slaves! I know it has been a pretty minute since I left. And yes I know how much you missed me! Yes, I remember you need me deeply, and my departure left you to hang in there lonely, wondering when would I grace you with my presence once again. When would that wonderful day come, that you will be able to see me, to feel my perfume, to hear my deep, dominant voice once again…

Worry no more! I am back in the Netherlands now! I am once again in my beautiful suite, on my red throne, with my crown shining bright!

Be careful what you wish for though, because I have been deprived of playing for a rather long time, and now I am on fire! I want it all! I want to get to do it all! I want to feel it all! Are you willing to offer me your body, soul, and mind? To offer them to me so I can use and abuse them as much as I please?

If the answer is -Yes, you know what you have to do, right?


3 thoughts on “Mistress Emma is back!

  1. Hello, there slave christian,
    +31 68 430 17 01 here you can contact me and get an update on my schedule. However, during quarantine, I offer only online sessions/assignment/goals.

  2. Gerard ,in Blerick ,is Onderdanige man ,ik zoek Extreme Meesteres,voor harde aanpak en vernedering ,heb enige ervaring ,kan veel hebben en.Verdragen!! Zoek,regelmatige behandeling,1 keer per maand! Evt als U wil ,samen weekendje weg,U heeft de leiding en doen wat U wil.kosten voor mij ,hoop op. Ericht , et U reactie!! Groet een nieuwe slaaf ?? Gerard.

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