Mistress Emma knows best

Mistress Emma knows best

Mistress Emma knows best

Mistress Emma is a Divine Goddess! She deserves the best and nothing but the best. She can take you on an amazing journey in just a couple of hours…or take you to hell and back in the same amount of time.

Being a slave for her means that you have to work hard for your new-found Goddess in order to be found worthy.
Listen to her, follow her every step, follow every command she gives you, fully put your trust in her. If you do so… she might be willing to reward you, fail her and you will face the consequences.

I am Mistress Emma’s personal property, which means now I have to work even harder to be found worthy to find myself in her presence, to call myself her slave.

Part of being the property of Mistress Emma is that I have to take good care of myself, all for the good of my Goddess of course and in the end also for yourself. Mistress Emma only wants the best for her slaves and she also knows what it is best for you.

In the past she found out that I actually was quite the lazy guy. So, she made sure I would be active again. I was ordered to do daily runs of 5 km, I have to share my GPS location and also prove I went out.

Was that enough? Did she stope there? Not at all! Goddess Emma sence there was some more work to be done. She forbid me from, doing any drugs at all (I didn’t have a drug problem, but occasionally when I wanted to relax I tend to use some). Mistress Emma also determines the amount of alcohol I am allowed to have. In the past, it has been several beers each and every day. Now I may have max 1 beer a day when I really feel I need it. Thought I have got to tell you I haven’t had a drink in rather a long time. And I don’t want to.

Mistress Emma also monitors my behavior in and outside of my house, when I am having fun with friends or family. Then I must behave properly, to make sure I entertain my guests. When with friends or at the party My Goddess, Mistress Emma was kind enough to allow me 2 alcohol drinks, and even at the rare occasions when I contacted her and ask for third, once she granted my request. She is the one who keeps myself and my life fully on track!

There have been a couple times I have failed her task and I had to face my punishment for that, but this was good. I knew my place again and was even more determined to keep succeeding for my Goddess and to make sure that one day she can say that she is proud of her property.
Mistress Emma is always there for you if you fail, to remind you again what your place is and to remind you what your task is. She will keep pushing you to be better, to do better. And in the end the reward is worth it.

I love proving my worth for my Goddess every day and. I remind myself every day, that I am lucky she allows me to be her property. It is hard work sometimes, but I know I will come out as a better version of myself, to be freed of the bad habits I have.

After all, Mistress Emma knows best.

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