Becoming a personal property

Becoming a personal property of Mistress Emma

Becoming a personal property

In one of the last sessions I had with Mistress Emma, I signed a contract which stated I am giving myself entirely to her. My mind… body… soul… needs. Everything.

I am now fully hers to abuse, to do with me whatever she desires. Summon me when or where she wants. I am her rightful property, just as I should be.

For a while now I have had the need to belong to her. To do anything to please her. I was constantly seeking her attention. Naturally, I couldn’t quite figure out why that was the case, nor where will this need of mine lead me, but one thing was certain. I needed her badly. Day and night. I needed to know she is there for me. To know that she won’t leave me, forget about me, or even worst – get tired of me and ban me.

I signed the ownership contract also because I felt that coming in for a few sessions every now and then wasn’t enough to prove my devotion to her. Wasn’t enough to please her. No, that is not enough, I need to do more to prove myself. After reading the terms of the contract I agreed (not that I have much of a choice I thought) and signed it up.
I need her discipline in my life, I need her to teach me to become a better slave for her. And with her guidance, I will eventually become that.

Normally failing any task or assignment the Mistress gives you is not an option. While being her personal property, failing is a thing you shouldn't even be considering. She demands only the best from me and that is also what she deserves for teaching me to become a better slave.

A little while after I signed the contract, she gave me a task in the morning ( I sometimes work very late at night) in which she demanded me to make and send her a photo. I never heard the message coming in because I was in a deep sleep. Only half an hour later I woke up to find out my Mistress had given me an order and I responded way too late.

She was not pleased with that at all. And with good reason. I messed up an order from my Mistress and as her property, I just can’t afford any mistakes.

I begged her for a way to fix my mistake. At first, she denied my request pointing to the fact that I was a lazy ass, stupid weak excuse of a man, who never seems to get anything right, no matter how small!
After I made a not such a smart comment, Mistress Emma was even more upset with me and then gave me the order to go outside and run 5km. Of course, I had to prove, I was actually outside, so I gave her the opportunity to track me via GPS.

After running 5km and the Mistress allowing me to return home again, I realized that failing as her personal property is not an option. Therefore no matter what I have to be at my best at all time, 24/7. Also, it occurred to me that she was not at all kidding when she said to me  ” Every mistake has a consequence and you will be the one to pay!”
I see now that there is no escape, there is no room for even a small delay or walk around her rules. When she gives me orders I know better than to question them or even think of taking the initiative into my own hands. Nowadays I am nothing more but a puppet in my Mistress’s hands.

And even though it is hard sometimes, I am very happy that I signed the slave contract. It provides me with the discipline I need. Mistress Emma will teach and guide me to become better. And if I ever were to fail again, I know my graceful and beautiful Mistress will be there to correct and punish me hard, to make sure I got my lesson this time around, and she will never have to repeat it again!

Thank you, My Goddess, My Mistress, Lady Emma, for everything you have done for me so far! I could only bow before your shiny boots and beg you to stay in my life and show me the light in the darkness!

Your humble servant – Slave Silvio

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