When I met Mylady online the last time she, like always was nice. Pretty (I should say beautiful) and full of understanding for my problems, my demands, and my needs. At the end of our nice long chat, Mylady gave me, like normally, a task, an order or an assignment so you will: do not relief yourself when you think of me.

After a few days now, I know this is, more or less, an impossible task. So today I asked Mylady for advice, hoping she would be so kind to lift this task and let me off the hook. But she was quite clear: follow my order and if not you need to face the consequences. Like always, you have a choice: either you do what I ask you to do or you disappoint me by disobeying my order.

It was difficult to get through the day but I managed and to get rid of my energy. I decided to go for a long walk. After a few miles, I started thinking how our next session would be like. Mylady would ask me if I had followed the order through. I would lie and say: Yes Mylady! Mistress Emma would know immediately I was lying.  My Domina would slap me in the face: do not lie slave! Tell me the truth!

And yes, I would tell her I was not successful in following her order. Obviously, she would demand I should tell her how often and when I masturbated without her permission. I know I will be punished hard for every time I used my hands to get an orgasm. Therefore I probably would try to give her a lower number then for real. But she would know. You cannot lie to her without turning your head away, it is impossible!! The punishment will be even harder, not only for not obeying her orders but also for the dishonesty. It will be tough I know!

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