It was International Women’s Day when my Mistress sends me a message ordering me to come and to serve her. What a privilege to serve her on this special day where women all around the world are to be worshiped and adored.

With a small tasteful gift in my hands, I knocked on the door of Mylady’s studio. Mistress Emma opened the door and I could see she was furious and she ordered me to leave. As I had no idea what I did wrong I asked her what had happened, which mistake did I make to make her so angry. My Domina refused to answer and told me to leave. If not, the consequences would be for me.Then I begged her, “let me stay! I will take whatever consequences it may have.” It is your choice she said. Like always you have a choice, but not serving your mistress is not a choice!

I stepped in and she ordered me to undress and while I was doing that she shouted at me that “all men are the same”. My Mistress slapped my face and explained what had happened: a slave did not show up at his appointment and did not respond to Mistress’ calls or text messages and that had made her extremely angry. Not only had he wasted her valuable time, no, the slave had played with her in disrespect. “And now”, she said, “I will punish you as I need to release all my anger and negative energy.” To be honest: I had NO idea how much I would start to hate that slave for not turning up!

Whether on my knees, with my hands on the bed, or tied to the cross, or lying on the bed, it did not matter where the whips came down on me constantly and hard. And how much I begged for mercy, the only thing My Mistress said was “all men are alike, they all treat women wrong and do not comprehend the notion of Female Supremacy”.

In between, there were these little moments. Domina was loving and kind. She cuddled me, caressed me, treated me with ice cubes. But just when I thought it was all over, the whip came down on me again. I had no idea that My Mistress Emma had such a variety of whips and paddles. Just when I got a little used to the feeling of one whip, she took another one. And as a grand finale, she had this whip with strings of pearls.

After a while, I had difficulties to remain staying. When I told Mylady that she immediately opened my chains but instead of stopping, she forced me on my knees and continued the whipping. I slowly felt gliding away in a state of trance. Hardly felt the pain for several minutes, that was a strange but exciting feeling and at that particular moment I was so grateful, and I thanked My Mistress for it.

Again, Mylady made me stand up and tied me to the cross. She continued the beating and it was like the devil broke loose. Mistress Emma hit me even harder than before and when possible with 2 whips in the same time. I cried for mercy and begged her to stop. But she said I just had to give up, “say the magic word slave” and I will stop. Use the code word and I will stop. I did not want to do this, not even My Mistress could break me. It was a matter of principle. Well, defending principles are sometimes very costly and so she started the beating again. My whole body was glowing and I felt the pain everywhere. Like Lucifer himself, she unleashed all her anger, all her negative vibes, all her fury on me. All that because some stupid slave mistreated My Mistress.

I realized I was coming to the end of my strength and was considering to give in. But I thought My Mistress would then see me as weak and I wanted to be strong for her and to serve her and to take away her anger. She then stopped. I whispered, I asked her to stop and she only replied that I knew how to stop her.

Finally, I bowed my head and whispered the code word. I surrendered into the grace of Mylady. She smiled and was so happy she had reached her goal to search for boundaries, to step over them and finally to break me. I surrendered!

Your obedient slave Alexander thanks you, Mylady, for an incredible journey.

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