On my way to meet Mistress Emma I stopped at the flower shop to buy her black roses. At least I needed a present to bring my Mistress in a good mood. Unfortunately,  I knew I had been so stupid: I had looked, just out of curiosity, at the website of another mistress. Now I know I had to tell her. Honestly, that is what Mistress Emma wants from me so I had to come clean and take the consequences of my stupid behavior.

Mistress Emma immediately knew something was wrong, she saw it in my eyes. Then I stuttered and tried to hide my shame but she demanded the honest answer: what have you done, my slave! I told her I had looked at the pictures of another Mistress. The disappointment in her eyes made me feel so small. I had betrayed her. Was I worthy of her attention – no, I was no longer.Domina Emma told me she wants to send me away. But I went down on my knees and begged for a second chance.

Mistress Emma looked at me and said she would think about giving me one last chance to show my devotion to her but I had to earn this. I nodded and whispered that I would do anything to make it right again. “Anything” she asked? Yes Mylady, anything and everything I said.

She ordered me down and demanded me to count out loud every slap with the whip on my butt. One, Mylady, I am so sorry, two Mylady, I apologize, all the way up to 30. It was painful but I knew it was right, so I took. Mistress Emma then tied me to the cross and again the whip came down on me, on my back now. 

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