Let me tell you a story about my very first session with Mistress Emma. First of all, I am 35 years old male from Amsterdam. I have always been fascinated by pain. In a way, it is exciting for me. It gets me hot and horny to be honest. When I fantasize, I would always include a strong demanding lady, hurting me for her own sadistic pleasure. In fact, it got so far, that by this point I could only be satisfied through some sort of pain being administered to me. So far, I have had a few sessions with amateur Mistresses here and there.

Then I stumbled across the website of Mistress Emma. At first, I thought to myself that as beautiful and strict as She seemed, She could not be all that hard, right? In my experience so far, I have been whipped, hit, and spit on. That was exciting, but still nothing extraordinary. To be honest, I read some of Her session stories and I believed they were highly exaggerated. At that point, I couldn’t have imagined how cruel Mistress Emma could be. Hence, I stupidly decided to challenge her. I contacted her and explicitly demanded a hard session. As hard as they get. And sure enough, Mistress Emma demanded a 5-hour long session. So far, I have only booked an hour, once extended that hour to 90 min but 5 hours? That seemed a bit too much. I expressed that concern of mine, but Mistress was firm to shut it down.

“You want a hardcore session, slave? How am I supposed to unleash myself in 30 – 45 min total play time after your showers, dressing off and on, and intake convo? Are you wasting my time? Or are you going to listen and obey? If you demand results, you must offer me the proper time frame I need!”

That was direct and made sense (more or less back then). Besides, I thought if She fails to deliver, I would stay an hour, and get myself out of there. We booked the session for the weekend and throughout the entire week, I have been sending Her messages, challenging Her. Asking if She could tie me up, so I can’t move. If She could leave some memorable marks. Also ( I know I was an idiot, don’t worry), If she can use a cane. Mistress Emma answered all of my questions shortly and firmly.

Finally, the day come. I was excited, but not nervous. It wasn’t my first experience in the BDSM world (or so I thought). Mistress Emma was stunning. She was wearing a black and red latex dress, red latex boots, and latex gloves. The Mistress smiled once she opened the door for me. Initially, I thought to myself – what a tiny lady, so slim, almost fragile. How much pain can a lady like her cause? I was sited at the couch and offered a drink. Mistress Emma was incredibly friendly, so down to Earth, I was given the feeling that I was talking to a friend, not to Pro Dome. I demanded a session without a safe-words. Mistress Emma advised against it since this is our very first session, but I stupidly insisted. I was granted that privilege from the get-go.

Something I, later on, live to regret! Then I was given her rules and sent to the shower. And once I returned from the shower back in the playroom, the little fragile lady was gone. Mistress Emma was sited in the middle of the room, with a cane in her hand. Her legs crossed, Her eyes on me, Her entire demeanor totally changed. I foolishly stood up in front of Her and even dare to smile as if to challenge Her even further. Then as She was staring into my eyes, She asked me – ‘’Is that the proper way for a little slave to appear before its Supreme Goddess?” I didn’t know what She meant by that, but I said – Yes! Let me tell you, She was not amused. There was no trace of her captivating smile. Now She appeared cruel and demanding.

As Mistress Emma was still staring into my eyes she made a gesture with her cane, showing me that I was supposed to get down on my knees right away. Naturally, I did so. Then she stood up and walked a full circle all around me. I used the mirrors in her studio to take a nice look at Her when I thought She wasn’t looking. Needless to say, I was wrong. She got that. As She stood behind me, She used her cane to choke me pulling me backward toward her. She asked me if I fully understood the fact that from this point on I was to become Her puppet. No more than just a toy for her to use and abuse however She pleases. As hard as it was for me to talk at that moment, I managed to somehow say - yes.

Then She released her grip over me and said: “Very well, now let’s put your words to the test!’’ Then I was ordered to stand up and move Her spanking bench to the middle of the room. Once the bench was where Mistress Emma wants it, I was ordered to kneel on it and lean forward. I was chained to it right away. Leather belts were going all over my body head to toe, chaining me securely to the bench. Once Mistress Emma was done, I couldn’t move. Not my hands, not my legs, not my torso. I couldn’t lift myself an inch, let alone change position, or escape. Then happy with the result, Mistress Emma leaned toward me and whispered in my ear: ‘’Is that tight enough for you, slave?’’ – Yes, Mistress! I whisper back.

Then she runs her long blood-red nails through my back, leaving a nice clow-like scar over my spine. I moaned rather loudly. And I felt a splash of a soft whip on my ass. And then again, and again and again… That felt nice, I am not going to lie, but it simply wasn’t enough for me. This and only this is not what I was promised! And just as though She read my mind, Mistress Emma asked me: ‘’Is that enough for you?” – No, I said loud and clear! Then I heard chains, I couldn’t lift my head up to look at them, but sure enough, I felt the blows of a metal whip landing on my sides over and over and over again. That was mean. It was painful. It was wonderful.

After a sufficient amount of blows with the metal whip, Mistress Emma let it rest in the fireplace. This I was able to see since I was facing the fireplace. Then it was time for 2 whips at the same time to lend on both of my sides. I reckon those were leather whips and they were even worse than the metal one. And let me tell you, once Mistress Emma gets in the game, she is fearless. She is a monster, armed with an unlimited amount of tools to puts you in pure hell. To not only drag you there, but also assure you to stay in there for as long as She sees fit! By this point, I would have used a safe word, to at least slow her down, but I didn’t have one, did I?

Now all I could do was scream as loud as possible. And instead of my screams slowing Her down, they seemed to excite Her even more, almost to inspire Her I would say. So, she carried on and on. My whole body was burning. I was in excruciating pain. Pain, I have never felt before! But was She done with me? Of course, She wasn’t. The next tool Mistress Emma decided to use on me was the bullwhip. Long, strong, mean, cruel…It landed all over my body. My back, my sides, my but. And for a good 20 min to that. How does She do it? So hard, so intense? Doesn’t She get tired? My guess is as good as yours, but you best believe, if she wants to hurt you, you stand no chance.

By this point, I was desperately trying to escape, but soon enough I have come to realize that this was pointless. The restraints were no joke ( in the past I have been lightly tied up, but always able to set myself free if I wanted to). Once Mistress Emma was done with the bullwhip, She used ice cubes all over my red, burning body to cool me down and help me a bit I suppose. That was really nice of Her. Bud as far as She was concerned, we were far from done. The rest for me was about a minute or 2 max and then I could see her grabbing the metal whip from the fireplace. I started to scream and beg her not to use it on me. And she put it back in the fireplace.

What a relief, I foolishly thought. No, She wasn’t going to set me free, She put a gag in my mouth, and once that was secured, She proceeded further to grab the metal whip once again. She used it on my bare skin. Hard and hot. Soon enough the room smelled like burning flesh. I was being burned alive for the pleasure of my Mistress. And I wasn’t being able to even say a word! Just a prisoner in her cruel game. Mistress Emma did not hesitate to use that burning whip on my but. Once done and satisfied with the results so far, She come close to my head, removed the gag, and asked: “Have you had enough, yet slave?” – Yes, Mistress, I have. More than enough!

I recognize you as my Supreme Goddess now! Please, Mistress, I pledge my alliance to you! Mistress, I wish to be under your control and under your supreme guidance if you will allow me the privilege…

“That’s very nice to hear, slave! Very nice indeed, but I am not done with you, not quite yet! We haven’t tried the canes yet, have we?’’ Now my head is spinning. I am already suffering enough as it is. But what can you do, when you have brought yourself up here? When you challenged your Mistress beyond belief, and now she feels obligated to deliver on every one of her promises. Mistress Emma reinforces herself with a wooden cane and strokes me on my bare burned ass. The amount of pain is inexplicable! I am not going to be able to get much of those.

That much is clear to me. Yet there is nothing I can do about it. At this point, I am crying. Every stroke with the cane pulls out a desperate scream from my chest. Mistress Emma seems unbothered by my ordeal. She uses several canes on me, hitting me harder and harder. Sometimes she will deliver the strokes one after the other in a speeded-up tempo, so I feel like My body is falling apart, other times she will slow down and even run the cane in the air, letting me hear it coming and then stop right before she hits me with it. I could tell she is messing with my mind pretty severely. I could also tell she is rather amused by herself.

Now I do indeed understand what She meant at the beginning, telling me that I will be no more than just a puppet for her. By the time She is finished, I can barely breathe, let alone more. Mistress Emma finally unties me and shows me to the couch where I am given a cold drink and fed some chocolate. Mistress Emma is talking to me, but I am in a trans-like state. I am so light, like a feather. I am so relieved. All my stress, tension, all of my worries had evaporated by that point. I feel pure bliss. I find it hard to focus, hard to talk. The only thing I manage to do is thank Mistress Emma for the amazing session and ask if she could call a taxi for me.

I come to Her in my own car, but in that state I was, I knew I was nowhere near fit to drive. For the remainder of the day, I just stayed at home, thinking, analyzing, and going through it all over and over again in my head. I was amazed, mesmerized, crushed down, broken, and given wings all at the same time. I called Mistress Emma the next day to thank Her properly for Her amazing game and Her accomplishments in it and asked if I will be allowed to return, and serve Her again. Luckily for me, She said yes, and ever since I have been one of her humble servants. No more than a puppet…