A prison of the mind

A prison of the mind, Mistress Emma


I have been searching for the true Goddess / Mistress in my life for a very long time. After several disappointments in recent years, I came across the site of Mistress Emma. I was immediately intrigued when I saw her site and looks. From that moment on I couldn't think of anything else anymore. After having doubted for a long time, I sent a message that was actually a bit too long, but I wanted to make sure I could get her attention. Almost immediately a message came back in which she invited me for an introductory session. My heart rumbled with happiness after this message, and we booked our very first session the following week.

I was on my way to Mistress Emma and I was completely crazy about the tension building inside of me for the past week. I couldn’t think of anything else but Mistress Emma before I even get to meet Her. This feeling was experienced by me for the very first time in my entire life! I arrived at the studio with shaking hands and a spinning head. I ring the bell and Mistress Emma opens the door. She was beautifully dressed in a full leather suit with very high heel boots. Her voice was incredibly nice and soothing and I was suddenly completely at ease again (not entirely natural of course). Mistress Emma is a very nice conversation partner. She listens to you very well and comes up with very good questions to find out what she needs before she blows your mind off!

There I was sitting on the couch on the opposite Mistress Emma for the first time. I was still nervous and could hardly say a word. Mistress Emma sees things like this very quickly and actually immediately put me at ease the first 5 minutes.

She asked about my interests and the only thing I could think of was that I wanted a hard whipping session. I wanted a lot more, but I couldn't get it out of my mouth because of some reason. A hard whipping session was an understatement with Mistress Emma. I had never been hit with the whip that hard. This made me so happy because it really was something I had dreamed about my whole life. The hard blow of the whip, the soft voice of mistress Emma that puts you at ease and the wonderfully soft, endearing hands of her that run over your stripes to relieve the pain. When I was tied up on her whipping bench I was actually away from the world, completely forgetting my own life and nothing else, but Mistress Emma was present in my head.

After the session was over, we had a nice chat about it. Goddess Emma was very proud and also somewhat surprised how much I could get from the whip. This suddenly made me very happy and then my head was completely stuck. The only thing I wanted was to serve Mistress Emma and nothing but that.

Several sessions followed and the feeling only got stronger. Until I received the ultimate reward as a slave. I was allowed to become her property, in which I give my body and soul to mistress Emma and she is allowed to do everything with me that seems good to her. I was the happiest slave you could think of.

Mistress Emma is a true Goddess! In everything and every contact with her you lose a little more of your own will. You cannot help but think of her and want to do everything for her. I have now arrived there, my own will completely lost and handed over to Mistress Emma. A prison of the mind and I can't be happier with it! Thank you, Mistress Emma for everything and I hope to serve you forever.

Your humble slave

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