My first mistake

Mistress Emma My first mistake, session story

My first mistake

It was another beautiful day to live because today I was allowed to make my body available to my owner and goddess Mistress Emma. We had had a very long session a few weeks ago and Mistress Emma would soon be gone for a few months. Fortunately, I am owned by the mistress and I was ordered to come over again to serve her.

When I am on my way to the studio I notice that I am relaxed and that is strange because I never really am when I go to Mistress Emma. I mean this positively because the tension of not knowing what is going to happen to you and if you don't like it, you can't do anything about it, is the best feeling in the world. Anyway, I don't dwell on it for too long and expect that tension will come back on its own! I ring the bell at the studio and Mistress Emma opens the door. She is wearing beautiful mid-length leather boots topped with a very chic leather skirt and corset. She looks so elegant and I'm not even talking about her eyes and lips in which you can get completely lost. I was once again the happiest man in the world.

I am escorted back to the black sofa inside and Mistress Emma sits down on her beautiful throne. As we sit down, Mistress Emma begins to say: So slave of mine, I have something special in mind today to let all the stress I have before the flight home go away with you. I immediately feel the tension returning that I had not felt before. She continues: "Today you can take care of my divine feet, you are going to clean my feet, massage, and paint my nails. I'm a bit surprised by this suggestion because I actually had something more extreme in mind. But the thought of taking care of my goddess's feet brought a big smile to my face. I am allowed to undress and then immediately have to let the bath half full so that Mistress Emma can put her feet in it.

I come back naked and get on my hands and knees in front of my Mistress. She says: so slave today is your lucky day, you can take care of the feet of your Goddess, what do you think of that slave? I answer: I feel honored mistress, there is nothing more beautiful in the world than taking care of your feet mistress. Well done slave, so may I hear it, she answers. I am ordered to take off her boots. This alone is a pleasure to do. After it actually took a little too long, I have to escort my mistress to the bath on my back. This is always difficult, not because the mistress is heavy but because it is difficult with coordination.

On the way, I accidentally hit an object twice and the Mistress says watch out slave I may not get injured. No Mistress I say apologies I will pay more attention. We arrive at the bath and to my horror, I see that there is a feather in the wather. I had forgotten to check that the bath itself was clean, I had actually blindly assumed that. Mistress Emma gets really furious and says how dare your slave let your Mistress run a dirty bath. While she is still on my back, she slaps me on the head and signals me to go back to the studio. On the way, I hit another object again and I'm now really starting to sweat so much fear about what was waiting for me...

We arrive at the studio and Mistress gets off my back. She orders me only to get on my knees and as soon as I do this I get 2 full blows in my face: slave you really disappoint me today, I am not used to this from you and therefore we have to make sure that this is never going to happen again, and how do we do that slave? I answer with punishment Mistress. Especially slave punishment, but today's punishment will be one that you will not forget for a long time.

The fear sweat I had before had now become a kind of fear pool. First I have to put my Mistress's boots back on and then I have to move the whipping bench to the center of the studio. Putting on the boots is difficult and slow because I am so disappointed in myself and nervous about the punishment I was going to receive. After about 10 minutes I had finally gotten both boots back on. Also this state of affairs would not have made Mistress Emma much happier, I would notice later .. After moving the bench, I am immediately tightened. While she does that, the mistress whispers in my ear.

I am going to let you experience something that you have never felt before and you will want to cry slave and that is also allowed slave because the pain that you will feel like this can not help you but tears. I start to breathe very heavily and feel the panic in my head... But what can I do? I am tied up and left to the sadistic whims of my owner. I know I deserve punishment and encourage myself that this is necessary to eventually become a better slave to my mistress. I look up and see the mistress taking a wooden cane, a very long one. She walks around me and occasionally taps my body with the cane. When She stands behind me I feel the cane go over my palms.

Out of nowhere, She hits my feet hard with the cane and I scream in pain. I hear the Mistress laugh and feel her voice coming close to my ears again. Okay, slave, this pain is what you will feel for the next half hour and we only stop once in between to recover. While laughing, I hear her voice disappear again and I bite my teeth very hard to brace myself for what was to come. The jump-off of punches begins and the pain becomes unreal. After each stroke, I have to pick myself up all over again to be ready for the next stroke. It goes on and on and yes I can feel the tears rolling down my cheeks. After 15 minutes that seemed like 15 hours, I finally had my break and got a drink.

The Mistress looks at me while I relax and says gosh slave already so tired and we are only halfway through this part of the punishment. Fortunately, I already had this in my head so this comment was not particularly hard on me mentally. After a 5 minute break, she takes the cane and picks up where she left off. I noticed that I was now getting used to the kind of pain I was experiencing, but it certainly didn't make it any less. After another 15 minutes of pure torture at my feet, it was finally over. My feet burn so badly that it seemed as if they had been lying in the fireplace. I am released and actually immediately escorted to the St. John's Cross. I am strapped super tight with my stomach forward so I really can't move.

I get a blindfold and I hear the mistress walk away to the back. All I hear is a rumble in the back and the sound of chains. Then I hear the sound of heels coming closer again until I smell her delicious perfume again. Suddenly I hear her voice whisper in my ear again. So slave that was part 1 of your punishment and now on to part 2 and believes me, slave, it will not get much better. After these again ominous words she steps back and I feel her fingers grab my nipples. She turns and squeezes it hard for a while and then grabs something from the bed that she probably took from behind. I hear the sound of chains again and brace myself for what was to come. It turned out to be a chain with a lot of nipple clamps on it.

A chain of 8 nipple clamps was attached to each nipple and this hurt so much that I became light-headed for a moment. Mistress Emma noticed this immediately and gives me a gentle slap on the face: stay awake slave to me. After a while, I hear her rummaging around in the back to get things. Mistress Emma now has weights in her hands that she will clamp to each nipple clamp. The first few were not that bad, but as the weight of the weights went up, the pain got worse and I got a bit short of breath. After all the weights are on the mistress steps back to see her result. You look so good now slave, this is how I always want to see you. I am concentrating so much to receive all the pain impulses so I don’t hear her words.

Then while I am in that almost intoxication you can tell, I am startled by a new and burning pain in my nipples. Mistress Emma has taken the electro wand and burns from very close on my already pained nipples. I scream in pain and I hear Mistress laugh very hard: keep it going slave, she says. After doing this for almost 20 minutes I cannot breathe for a second and I immediately let my mistress know. She quickly loosens me from the crotch and removes all nipple clamps as well. I fall to the ground, completely exhausted and sweaty from what had just happened to me. So slave I'm proud of you, you lasted longer than I thought, you proved yourself again that you are my perfect slave. After all the pain I had to undergo, I thought that nothing could make me happy anymore.

But the words of Mistress Emma immediately created such an intense happy feeling that almost immediately I no longer thought about the pain! I smile and say thank you mistress you know that I will do everything for you and I am grateful that you raised me and made me a better person, even if that is not the best job every now and then. Thank you, slave, that is good to hear and that is indeed not always easy but it is necessary sometimes and you really got through it well, she answers. Mistress Emma continues: this is your first big mistake you have made slave, let it be the last for the time being, otherwise what you have experienced today will look like child's play with the punishment you will receive then. Yes mistress I answer and she nods back approvingly.

I can massage her feet for a while and in the meantime, I get a kind of vibrator around my dick. So while I massage her feet my dick is being spoiled too. This feels so good and I quickly feel that the peak is coming. As if SAhe can read thoughts, She says sternly no slave don't come yet. I swallow right away and focus on not coming. After 10 minutes I start begging and begging to come and after 5 minutes of begging I can finally come and I feel all the tension slip away in my body.

This was another special day with Mistress Emma, where for a long time everything was not always fun, but at the end of the day it is mainly about the fact: is Mistress Emma happy and have I been able to contribute something to it. That is the most important thing in my life! Thank you again, Mistress Emma, my owner!

Slave casper

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