I am 35 years old British man. I have been interested in BDSM and fetishes pretty much my whole life. I have also been rather cautious to share those thoughts of mine with anybody – friends or girlfriends. A while back in the day I stumbled across Mistress Emma’s website and I was drawn to it. Once I find it, I studied it, every word she says, every photo, every story. I could see myself in her studio, I could imagine myself in the shoes of her slaves in her stories…

It become somewhat of an obsession of mine. I visited that website every day for about 6 months before I finally decided to acquire an online session. Of course, not knowing any better, I send rather long WhatsApp messages, detailing my description, my fantasies, my desires, and of course my willingness to serve Her online first, then who knows, maybe one day live as well.

She responded within an hour, letting me know I could have the session the later same day. I was over the moon. We booked it and from that point, up until we met online, I showered and shaved, changed my suit and tie 2 times, polished, and put on my shoes, and yet, somehow, I manage to show up entirely unprepared once Mistress Emma called.

I drove all the way up to my office, so I can get myself all the privacy I needed. And then at 21:00 Mistress Emma called. She looked stunning. Bloody red latex dress, hair up in a strict ponytail, smokie eyes, lips bloody red, to match her dress. She was sitting on her throne and I could see the open fire playing a game of shadows all over her face. My Goddess was stunning, way better than what I saw in her pics. She has that flame in her eyes, that you notice right away. That flame that makes you feel in danger, and yet her smile puts you at ease all at the same time.

But before I could properly introduce myself to Her, Mistress Emma asked me: Why are you not down on your knees for me, slave? Is that the proper way for you to appear before a Goddess like Me? I froze, then apologized, then got down on my knees. That day I spend the entire hour kneeling down before Her. Mistress Emma showed me around, walked me into the BDSM world, and give me the ground rules (her rules). Before I knew it our time was over. I was left hungrier for it, than before the call. The next day I reached out again, and the next day again, and the day after that. In the span of 1 month, I believe we spoke every day. She was so nice to answer all of my questions, all the while She made my head spin and my mind went crazy. Day after day I was getting deeper and deeper into her world. It felt like I was drowning and yet I couldn't pull myself out of it.  But not only that.

We talked about everything. Not only my kinky desires but also myself in general, my daily life. We bonded together. And I let Her know that my biggest dream would be to play kinky games at home with my own girlfriend. But at the time I was way too afraid to even mention my kinks to her. Then surprisingly, Mistress Emma told me She is going to make that happen to me. I hardly doubted that but nevertheless, I thought to myself – It doesn’t hurt trying, right. The next call we had was way different. Miss Emma focused the call all around My girlfriend. She created a plan of how to approach her, what to say and how far to go. I won’t go into details, but a few kinky outfits and carefully selected movies, as well as rose petals in the bathtub... And toys (again the selection was entirely Mistress Emma’s, thank you for that, Miss) later myself and My lady were enjoying a kinky world quite a bit on our own. We weren’t discussing it at the moment, we just went for it and follow our instincts.

But soon enough my hunger for more was present, obvious and devious to that. I liked what myself and my lady had so far, but that was far from enough for me, and for her as well I believe. The problem was, we both were rather inexperienced and after the handcuffs and the kinky outfit, we needed inspiration, as well as we needed a teacher. The next call we made together, all 3 of us. Mistress Emma was thrilled to see us both present, kinky, and ready for more. We requested a live session as soon as possible and sure enough that same weekend we both traveled to The Netherlands. We met Mistress Emma in her Suite for a 3-hour long session which we prolonged 2 up to 5 hours session in total. In that session, My girlfriend was given directions on how to play with my mind, how to use my own body against me, and how to properly edge me times and times again.

That first time we used simple toys, a few vibrators, handcuffs, ropes, and a body massager. All of those were available for us at the sex shop and were not that expensive, so we were able to replay quite a few of the scenes later on at home as well. In a few months, we reached out again, and get yet another session. Mistress Emma was pleased to see the progress my girlfriend has made. This time we headed for the heavy-duty – electro, whips, canes, you name it. I was distraught by the time we were finished, but deep inside I was so proud, so proud of myself and my lady. Nevertheless, I was so proud I made that faithful call to Mistress Emma. Now we are planning our next session, and I can’t even imagine what awaits me this time, but also can’t wait to get there!

Thank you, Mistress Emma, for turning my life around. Also, thank you for opening my eyes, to the endless possibilities. Nevertheless thank you for inviting me in and making me a part of the Kinky world. But most of all thank you, for giving me the chance to take my lovely stunning beautiful lady along with me!

Always and forever yours, slave R