Looking back at my last visit to my Mistress I wonder, how does she do it every time again? I know she is an ultimate professional Dominatrix but nevertheless, she amazes me every time I am allowed to visit her. Let me tell you what happened during my visit in August 2017.

You know, when she opens the door of her studio, your breath will stop for some seconds. Her beauty, her outfit, her boots, her lovely smile and her soft voice, it is a match made in heaven. But beware, hell can be around the corner as misbehavior, misconduct or any other type of mistake will be punished severe. It is her duty and, as my owner, it is her right too.

Mylady was in an extremely good mood and as I had been serving here quite well the last couple of weeks and she knew I was about to go on vacation, she offered me a gentle, relaxed and soft session. For a moment I had my doubts, would it satisfy her enough to play soft? But she made it clear, I had a choice and she would accept my choice no matter what. So, I chose the easy way out and asked for her to treat me softly this time.

She was friendly and played in a gentle way with me. It was teasing and therefore very exciting, I must admit. I double checked with Mylady whether she would consider this serving as well and luckily, she acknowledged. She put me in a leather straight jacket and challenged me: if you can come out I will let you touch my fantastic body. Well, I wanted that already for such a long time so, I did whatever I could to escape. She laughed seeing me struggle. I know how, but it was so tightly fastened I really had a real hard time. “It looks like you do not want to touch me slave!” she mocked me with her sweet soft voice and I doubled my efforts as I wanted to hold her, caress her, touch her so badly. And then I succeeded and I got this enormous reward. I hold her tight, smelled her nice perfume and put my lips to her hair. It was like I was in heaven and I felt so good. There was for a few minutes nothing else I needed in my life, I was holding my Mistress!

But I should have known, it would come at a cost. Mylady tied me to the St. Andreas Cross and started talking to me. Well, more lecturing me to be honest. She reminded me about my confession the session before, the confession about cheating. About hunting, about men behaving like hunters. She started a lesson I rather would have missed! It is amazing how she can make you look small. There you are, a big man, controlled by this tiny elegant Lady. She is so strong at those moments and you are helpless at the time. And the thing is, she is always right. I was wrong by cheating. I was and am wrong by treating women not with the utmost respect. I am selfish and in most of the time, I am going for my pleasure and gain.

The lesson lasted for the rest of our session and I must be really honest. I rather have Mylady hitting me, punishing and giving me lots of pain. This soft gentle treatment with the constant undertone of blame struck me even harder. I felt like crying, I was so ashamed. How can I be like this? Thinking you are a gentleman but in the blink of an eye you would chase a gorgeous girl and mistreat the most important women in your life.

I knew what to do! I apologized and asked my Mistress Emma to help me to improve further. I really do understand what is expected of me but it is sometimes difficult to achieve. I need the guidance of this tutor, this supreme teacher. I need from time to time the corrections from my Mistress. I need her to keep me in line and to make sure I will learn, improve and behave.

Oh, yes it was soft and gentle but the outcome was hard, though fair! Thank you Mylady, thank you for letting me develop myself under your guidance!

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