It was a sunny and perfect day to visit my beautiful Mistress Emma. But while stepping out of the sun into the dark shadow of the studio I was already wondering what She would have in her dominant mind for me this time.

When she opened the door her stunning appearance instantly took my breath away. Dressed in shining black leather showing her beautiful female curves and slender body, high black boots with the longest heels I have ever seen, her long blond hair but above all her dominant eyes and her female but also dominating voice.

After a drink together and after showering I entered the playroom and set down on my knees. “Ok slave, do you know that you are only here as my toy and my object to play within every way I like. And do you trust me enough to let me treat you as I desire? Even trust me with your life, my slave?” Yes Mistress, I do, I whispered softly.

“Ok then let’s do something totally different today my slave. Do you see that leather body bag on that table? You may lay down in it in a minute but first, let me put on a mask and cover your eyes.” After doing so my Mistress took me by the hand and led me to the table with the body bag. I let my feet and legs slip inside. But when my Mistress starts to tie me down I felt a little claustrophobic fear coming up, strengthened by the fact that the mask is limiting my breath. But the combination of my Mistress’ voice and my desire to serve her made me submit and made me concentrate on breathing as calm as possible. After that, I feel that my arms are crossed over my belly and that the body bag is strapped and tied so I could hardly move. “So, slave, now you totally depend on my mercy and on my control and I can do with you as I please. I can even take your breath away… Do you still trust me, slave?”.

Yes, I do Mistress, I answer and keep trying to breathe as calm as possible. To my surprise, the body bag has zippers that reveal certain parts of my body and allow my Mistress to play with them and see how much pain I will be able to take for her. First, she starts with my nipples, putting four mean scissor nipple clamps on each sensitive nipple. For some strange reason, this pain for my Mistress makes me so hot. Then my Mistress shifts her attention to another part of my body.  She starts putting electrodes on it. Soon after that, I feel the electric pulses getting more and more painful. It is only because of my Mistress her voice that I can take the pain in and it feels strange: on one hand, the pain that I can hardly stand and on the other hand the pride to do this for my Mistress, because I know this is what she likes: to see me suffer for Her, to do my very best to please Her.

Finally, the pain stops and I feel how my body is sweating in the warm body bag. “Just one more test today my slave. This time I will take your breath away by taping your mouth. So, relax, control yourself and your breath and think about Me and only Me and trust Me with your life. Are you ready for this my slave? And do you think you can survive this for me for 1.30 minutes?” Yes, Mistress, I whisper and sincerely hoping I will not panic. When I feel the tape closing my mouth, I feel my heart beating faster and I feel the panic coming up that my lungs will ask for breath I cannot take. But I force myself to listen to the voice of my Mistress. Control myself and my breath for Her. Completely surrendering myself into Her dominant hands. And so, I succeed and survive the 1.30 minutes. Then my Mistress rewarded me. What a great reward did I get today!

I hope she realizes how excited the whole session has been for me and how exciting it is for me to surrender myself completely to Her.

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