My first experience with a Mistress

My first experience with a Mistress

My first experience with a Mistress... was mind-blowing!

Curious about the world of BDSM I went looking for a Mistress. I had been interested for several years and tried a few things myself, but never with a Pro Domme, eventually, I ended up with Mistress Emma. Upon studying her website, I immediately had a good feeling about this. After a few days of hesitation, I dared to send Her a message and make an appointment. Unfortunately, Mistress Emma had to cancel our first appointment due to private reasons. But My Goddess also handled that well and professionally. When I asked Her to give me an assignment that I could complete that day, She was happy to do so.
From our conversations, Miss Emma knew which toys and attributes I already had. Of course, Lady Emma had the perfect assignments and challenges ready for this. For the first assignment, I had to insert a medium butt plug, then put on a rubber catsuit and a ball gag. To finish everything off I also had to tie my wrists. But of course - that wasn't all. I had to spend 3 hours on this. She said, "Use the time to mentally prepare for our first appointment." Naturally, I also had to send pictures of this as proof. But there was a little twist - I also had to lock myself in chastity. I started the assignment full of excitement. Once I did everything I started the assignment by sending a photo.
To my surprise, the 3 hours went by fairly quickly and it was a wonderful experience.

At first, it felt weird and you are thinking way too much. But at a certain moment, you find peace in your mind, which puts you in a kind of trance. After the assignment, I contacted Her again and asked if I could take everything off. This was allowed except... the chastity. I had to keep it on for an extra 24 hours. This also meant that I had to sleep in it. Which was also completely new to me (the chastity had only just been delivered earlier this morning). The night had come and I was getting ready to go to sleep. But  I wanted to prove myself and please Mistress Emma so I decided to add an extra of my own. I went to spend the night with a small butt plug in my ass. Full of excitement I started the night, sent another photo, and tried to sleep. This took a while, but eventually, I was able to fall asleep. The next morning I sent another photo, as well as a thank you for the great experience. Finally, after a few more hours, the chastity was also allowed to be removed. I hadn't even seen Mistress Emma by this point, not in real life. Yet She already gave me such a great experience, this tasted like I need more... and more... and more...

After a few weeks, we were able to make another appointment, this time in real life.
Nervous and full of excitement I drove to the studio. I rang the doorbell and there She was! Mistress Emma in a beautiful latex dress with black kinky boots.
I was speechless. She let me in and started the introductory meeting, put me at ease, and went over what is possible and what is not possible.

Then I had to take a shower and the session would start, so I did. I took my clothes off, took a shower, and went back into the studio naked...
Unknowingly I entered the studio a bit unprepared... And there She was, The Goddess. But She immediately said something was terribly wrong and soon I realized that I had to come to her as a slave, crawling on my knees. My Goddess immediately showed me where my place was! She ordered me to worship her kinky black boots while explaining the rules and possible consequences in a domineering manner. When that was clear I had to follow her to the cross, where I was fastened. Once attached, She started teasing me with Her body, Her scent, and Her voice, and by playing with my nipples with the occasional smack to my face. Then I was blindfolded. Not knowing what will happen I hear her go and take something but what? The footsteps get closer again and suddenly I felt something grab my penis. She starts tying my cock and balls with string, very tight! I had never felt this before either. Then she took off the blindfold and continue teasing me rather mercilessly! I was ordered to come to Her, tied up this was quite a task. Fortunately, I quickly got loose and was able to get to Her. So I was rewarded for this. I got to kiss Her boots again. I had to start at the bottom and work my way up to her latex dress. But just when I was about to start, She had something else up her sleeve. She went to get a collar, wrist cuffs, and a chain and put it on me.

My hands were tied behind my back and connected with a chain to my collar. Now I was allowed to start, but because of this unexpected turn, this was also quite a task. After worshiping her divine boots, She already had something new in her mind. She went to get Her electro kit and attached the electrodes to my still-tied cock.

The sensation was intense, something I had never felt before, it started soft but soon the Mistress turned it up. She added a few more nipple clamps that got tighter and tighter with each turn. Then she escorted me to the bondage bed, where She tied me tightly with leather straps. The intensities of the electrode were increased again. The blindfold went back on. Not knowing what will happen again. I suddenly feel warm drops on my body. It was candle wax. The combination of the nipple clamps, the electro, and the candle wax on my cock was very intense and challenging. I could hardly stand it, but didn't want to disappoint my mistress so I persevered. After this, She gave me some time to recuperate. While Mistress Emma was already preparing the following things.

She had prepared an outfit for me. A tight black dress, a slip, stockings and to finish it all off a blonde wig. I was now her sissy doll. While She was sitting on Her throne with Her strap on, I had to seduce Her. Like a real sissy. Only then was I allowed to touch her big black cock. At first, I had to please this one with my hands but that was not good enough. And she forced me to orally satisfy her strap-on. Only when My Goddess was satisfied with this did She take me to the gynecologist chair.

But before She tied me in there, we each chose 3 toys. Bound to the chair and with an inflatable gag in my mouth, She started to satisfy me anally, first gently with her fingers, then the chosen toys. Inflatable plugs, dildos, vibrators, and big plugs, all kinds of toys were used. My ass was put to the test, and almost destroyed. That's how it felt anyway. Once my ass was warmed up The Domme decided to untie me and let me sit doggy style on the bed. She took her strap-on and started fucking me really hard. I was completely exhausted, but that was not the end. She took me back to the gynecologist chair, tied me back up, and filled my ass with an inflatable butt plug. Mistress Emma also installed the milking machine. While milking my cock, little by little She pumped up the plug a little more. With every pump, I thought my ass was going to explode. Every time I had to beg to cum. The sensation was intense. After a while, we came to the end of our session. Completely exhausted, I was untied. I stood up and trembled on my legs. After the session, The Mistress made time for a short conversation and evaluation of the session. I took another shower and left for home.
The session lingered for a long time. My first experiences with a Mistress were great. Expectations were even exceeded.

Thank you, Mistress Emma!

Your loyal slave D