Improve, Improve & Improve

It is Sunday now and so more than 4 days since I met Mylady. Four days have gone by but I had no other option than to remember our session every day. My whole body is covered with blue stains, stripes from the whips and I feel the pain in my penis still today.

I am my Mistress’ number 1 slave and I am extremely proud to be that number 1 on her list. But Mylady was not that satisfied with me. For her birthday, I promised her a session with a totally free hand: do whatever you please and I will go along. I need to be honest! I couldn’t deliver as she used a whip that brought me to my knees almost immediately and I used the safe word very quickly to end the incredible pain. Well, you can imagine Mylady called me back. She wanted to discuss this with me and as she demands continuous improvement, she demanded a new session where I should deliver.

I was so optimistic when I came into Mylady’s studio. I had complied with her last order and I was wearing the chastity I had to put on some nights earlier. I polished the brass ownership tag and I bought Mylady a small sweet gift. Everything ok for a perfect relaxed night but little did I know. My Mistress’ intention was totally different.

Well Mylady told me she indeed was a bit disappointed with the easy way out last time and she had some great ideas to teach me how to improve. She started with some extreme nipple electro torture and by God, that was so painful. “Slave, you need to achieve level 5. If not, I had some other slaves here that already reached level 6 and perhaps they can be my new number one slave” she said. And with her guidance and with some small breaks I finally made it to the level 5. It was so painful, I was afraid of passing out but every time she just stopped and went back to business.

Mylady opened a bottle and only later she told me this was a popper, to make me more relaxed and accept more pain and so she restarted the electro. Not only on my nipples but also on my balls and penis. I cannot remember being in such pain but the idea of losing my status was just enough to make me cope. And finally, it stopped. Mylady told me she was ok, but not completely happy. She announced I had to come back for more training. Other slaves take the pain much better, she said again, perhaps I must reconsider. I almost panicked and I felt tears in my eyes. Why was she so hard on me? Well, I suppose I know the answer myself. Being number one is all about pleasing her. She gives, you take. If she orders, you obey. When she demands, you provide. No other options are available.

She then tied me to the cross and after that, she started beating me with all kind of whips. I stood up to the task. Now I will show her and after every beating, I thanked her for another chance to show her I am improving. “I am surprised, slave” she whispered in my ear, “this you take very well”. You can imagine it made me happy and I straightened my back and took more, much more.

The next moment she stepped up telling me she would use the whip that brought me down last time again. Ok, I was scared but I wanted to show her my dedication so much I took all the beating and she continued, went on hitting me over and over again. And I? I stood up and took it all and then she stopped and looked at my body. “Wow”, was her reaction, “this really makes me proud, slave. You took a lot, a whole lot and this is what I call improvement”.

You can imagine I was so happy I could serve her this well! She then granted me the privilege of licking her boots, massaging her toes, licking her feet and finally she granted me the highest reward a slave can have: an orgasm. 

I now understand better again why I must work harder and harder. Thanks, Mylady for such valuable lessons and I will learn every day from your guidance and become a better slave than I was. I will improve, just like you order, just like you expect.  I will prove you as much as needed I am your number 1 slave.

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