You do understand that I will have to use my spanking paddles, my canes or my whips when I punish you. It is a good method to make you realize your mistakes and make you learn your lessons. But slave, I will also use my hitting devices just for fun! You think this is not fun at all? Well, it is for me and that is all I need for a reason.

I, Mistress Emma, will spank you, or whip or cane you as much as I want. Your upper legs, your bottom, your arms, I will find a free spot for as my next target. Be assured, I will respect your boundaries and if you use the agreed stop word I will respect that. But for those who dare, those that choose not to use a stop word, I will continue until your body is full of blue stains or red stripes. I can give you such lovely marks, they will last and you will be reminded of your Mistress for several weeks or even longer.

My whip or cane can tickle you, you will like the soft gentle touch on your body.  And you might be relieved as you expected something else. But will you know what the next stroke will be? I don’t think so. And you know what slave? I only will be satisfied when I see you in pain, in a lot of pain. When I hear you begging for mercy while the tears are rolling from your eyes. It gives me pleasure to see you trying to escape, you are moving your body around to avoid the next hit. But I, Mistress Emma, will not allow you to run away, there is no way out and the pain will only stop when I have had enough pleasure.

So slave, be careful when you enter my dungeon. Even when you are without sins I might feel a strong urge to use all my hitting devices, it’s my pleasure!

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