Serving Mrs Emma


I’m not a very good writer, but I would like to share my most recent session with Mistress
Emma. This is my third visit with Mistress Emma and this time I have scheduled a longer visit
to give the Mistress enough time to educate and train me.

After the formalities, I take a quick shower and return to the playground as per the instructions of the Mistress. The Mistress awaits me in a stunning red outfit with matching thigh-high boots. Humbly I kiss the boots while the Mistress asks me where I belong – Under your boots Mistress, are you sure slave - is her answer? Yes, Mistress! Turn around slave! And before I know it her boots are on my back, yes literally under her boots … Now I’m instructed to turn around and She places one boot gently on my throat, now I’m vulnerable and at the mercy of my Mistress. After a while, She takes away the boot and whispers: follow Me, slave as we walk to the cross, facing the bed, and bounds me to it.

Come to me slave, She whispers again, but how on earth do I do that, after all, I’m restricted and bound to the cross. I remember reading about this and the take-away was to be smart, brute force is not going to help. The Mistress keeps repeating come to me slave, come to me! Which encourages me to do my utmost to free myself from the cross. And hurrah I manage to release the strap on my right-hand wrist. Next, I slide my elbow thru the next strap which was just tight enough to allow for it. Once my right arm is free it is easy to free my left arm and being proud of myself I join up with my Mistress! But She let me know I failed to complete this task, it simply took too long. I’m sorry Mistress, I have failed you.

My next predicament – the leather body bag waiting patiently to restrain me and just before I’m zipped up the Mistress ties my balls nicely and tight. The bag itself is bound with chains to the bondage table my arms are enclosed, crossed, and bound to the bondage table, there is no escape. Obviously, some rather sensitive parts are fully exposed. The Mistress seems pleased with the result. My eyes are covered with a blindfold. Although I usually don’t like it (I want to see my Mistress) I decide to go along and just undergo what Mistress feels is good for me. After all, I’m just a toy and only exist to please the Mistress, nothing more nothing less.

She starts hitting my cock with her hand with increasing intensity until I almost cry from the pain She inflicts. But my tears are not visible to her, so no reason to stop …. After a while She stops hitting and changes to rubbing my cock, doing it slowly it feels nice, but
Mistress doesn’t want me to feel nice so She intensifies it. It feels like she is trying to take it off, but not to worry, She says – I will use a scissor if I want to take it off. I hear some familiar sounds. It looks in a manner of speaking like she is preparing the electro kit. It feels the Mistress is attaching something to my penis and balls. I feel my sensitive parts are being electrified – Mistress whispers: do you feel anything slave, to which I confirm: yes Mistress.

Initially, it feels good, and not sure how She managed it but it feels like pleasant stroking. Of course, it didn’t take long before my body convulses and I scream out of pain. Mistress is having fun. After a while, She opens the lower zip and inserts an anal plugin to complete the treatment, and continues with the electro torture. It keeps going from pleasant to incredible pain, but I’m not complaining. I just want to satisfy and please my Mistress. After a while the electro kit is detached, the body bag is adjusted, my blindfold is removed and I finally see my Mistress on the bed with a red monster cock in her hands. Do you want this, slave? Now try to escape and come to Me.

Yes Mistress I stumble while I assess the situation. How to get out of the body bag, which Mistress prepared in such a way it would be
feasible to escape from it. To be honest, I can’t recall anymore how I managed to get out, but somehow I did …. I was allowed to play and suck the monster's cock, but not yet to insert. Mistress was having another game on her mind and who am I to doubt the Mistress, She always knows better.

The final part of today's game ends at the medical chair but first I have to choose 3 toys. Mistress also chooses 3 toys. There is no telling which of the tools She is going to use and later on, I learned what She had in Her mind. I’m positioned and strapped tight in the chair, legs spread allowing Mistress to easily reach my anus. The nipple clamps and weights are attached. Luckily for me, it is not hurting so much because Mistress applies the weights carefully. I’m blindfolded again, after my earlier experience I’m not reluctant anymore. But for this game, it is also essential for me not to see what Mistress is inserting in me.

I have to guess if She uses the monster cock … luckily for me, there is no punishment if I guess it wrong. Mistress starts with her fingers, which actually feels nice, to open up my anus. After a while, She inserts the first dildo and starts to fuck me – I can guess this is not the monster's cock. Various dildo probes are carried out and finally, She hits me with the monster cock! And it hurts like hell – She just keeps it inside me for some time to get my body adjusted. But this time it is simply too much for me, I have failed my Mistress therefore I need more practice to complete this task the next time.

This is the story of a slave being educated by Mistress Emma.