I love you

Mistress Emma The Hague. I love you Miss

I never had experience with BDSM but I always wanted to try.
Pain is not really my driver but rather the mind games.
You could say I'm rather roaming in the landscape of soft BDSM.

I visited mistress Emma several times.
The sessions were always amazing.
The last session that I had with her was different.
Usually, I am the one that makes an appointment.
This time, however, she invited me instead.

We arranged the date and from that point, it was counting down the days.
As each day passed, I got more and more excited.
Finally, the day arrived!
I made my way to the Dome and I rang the doorbell.

Mistress Emma opened the door and she looked stunning as usual.
She let me in and guided me to her throne room.
We caught up and once it was time she sends me to the ready room.
My genitals twitched a little bit and my mind was wondering what she had in mind this time.
I was ready. I splashed some water in my face to get a reality check and then I was set off to enter the dungeon.

She was sitting on her throne.
Her eyes filled with burning desire.
Her cleavage was a little bit more open than usual.
She let me sit on my knees and stood behind me.
Her cane was pressed against my throat.
She bends over with her breasts hovering over my head while she pulled up my chin.
"Do you like what you see?" she asked.
I could only say yes!

She ordered me to stand up and grabbed my hand.
Slowly she walked towards the andeas cross.
I followed right behind her.
When we arrived at the cross, she pressed my back against it.
Her knee was pressed against my crotch.
She seduced me as if it was in a movie scene.
Before I realized it, I was restrained on the cross but I didn't really mind.
She licked my nipples a few times before she turned her back and leaned against me.

Hmm, her perfume smelled delicious.
The teasing between us went on for quite a bit.
At some point, I even think I heard her gasp.
Was this for real or just my imagination?

Mistress Emma eventually laid on the bed and ordered me to break free.
Her eyes were still filled with fire, her cleavage even wider and I was so close to seeing her nipples.
They were rockhard, that is for sure.
It took some effort but eventually, I was able to break free and joined her on the bed.

She ordered to massage her feet.
I started to grim inside me as She had no idea what She was getting into.
I'm really good at giving massages.
I started slowly and increased the pace gradually.
Is She aware that you can stimulate several organs in the body through the nerves of her feet?
I surely do and I could see she was enjoying it more and more every minute.
All the while I was looking right into her eyes.
Stimulating the organs that I wanted to ignite with Mistress Emma.
My father always said to me "knowledge is power" and for once, I had to agree.

The seduction was lifted to the next level.
I was allowed to lay next to her.
I whispered some nice things in her ears.
Our eyes were locked.
The silence between us was something magical.
I wanted to kiss but I didn't dare as I had no clue how she would react.
We both cherished the moment of silence for a while.
Our eyes were communicating, our breathing rhythm aligned at the same pace.
The only thing that I had to do is ask her: "Do you want to taste my lips?".

But I froze at that moment. I wanted to say it but my words didn't come out.
It was so embarrassing for me.
The romantic scene that I have seen in so many movies was unfolding right in front of me but I didn't know what to do.

Eventually, Mistress Emma took back control.
She bound me on the bed.
Oiled my body and she was ready for some waxplay.
It was intense but we had so much fun.
We tried a few more games after that which I have never done before.

Time flew by.
We both wanted it to last forever.
But today is not that day.
Today was a moment to cherish forever.
The sweet moments we had. The areas where I had to work on.
Yes, Mistress Emma knows it all.
She sounds like a high priestess who knows what needs to be healed.

I love you!