As your Mistress, I know all about your weak spots my slave! And as always I will use this knowledge to my advantage whenever I need to punish you or just when I want to have some fun. Of course, there are times I really need to hurt you hard, isn’t it? Especially when you behaved bad slave, when you have mistreated a woman it will come your way!

You might be tied down to the bed or perhaps I have tied you to the cross, your legs spread out wide. I will look at the vulnerable place between your legs and you will be shocked by the force I use when I either hit or kick you! My choice of weapon? My fist, my hand, my foot or perhaps one of my tools?

I will kick or slap your balls. My foot is cracking your scrotum and you feel the intense pain in your body. Your most precious part is now under attack and I will let repay the pain you have caused others. And again my foot kicks your balls, once more my hand slaps your penis. It is for you to feel the pain and remember why I must do this!

Your body shrinks with every kick, you will be humiliated with every slap. You feel miserable every time my punishment reaches your body. And I? I will enjoy seeing you in pain as I know this treatment is rightfully yours!

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