Mistress Emma, Face slapping

I misbehave, My Mistress punishes me. I am not telling the truth, she punishes me again. I do not treat her as I should, punishment is in order. And I know, every time I meet my Mistress I will have to be honest about my mistakes and have to accept the punishment she has in mind.


What really hurts is when she, totally unexpected for me, slaps me in my face. A flat hand on my right cheek and another one on my left cheek. Again right, then left, my cheeks are starting to glow and my ears start singing. I try to avoid the next slap in my face. “Stand still, slave!” A clear order, and again her hand hits my face, right and left. Tears will grow in my eyes with every hit on my face. My head will spin and I need to hold on to something in order not to lose my balance. I see stars every time her hand lands on my face.

It is not always my face that takes the hits. Sometimes she orders me to lay my hand on the table and she slaps my hands, it is like in the old days at school, especially when my Mistress is using a ruler or a cane. And I wonder whether my bottoms are her favorite spot for giving me a real “slap-treatment”. Her hands come down with a force so fierce you cannot even imagine. The marks of her tiny hands will be visible for several days after the punishment. I always wonder how it is possible she has so much strength, I guess it shows her greatness in a way. And I? I accept the slapping as I know it is right.

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