Did I like the last session with Mistress Emma? No, I did not! Was I rewarded by Mistress Emma and thus satisfied? No, I was not! Was it right though what happened this time? Oh yes, for sure it was!

During my education and training to obtain my submissive role, Mylady found out something was wrong, something was blocking my development. Honestly, I hate it. There is nothing you can hide from Mistress Emma. With her beautiful but dominant eyes, she looks right into the deepest corners of your soul. Mylady said to me, that if I wanted to stay her number 1 slave, I must come clean and I have to tell her what is bothering me. Only when I would confess to her she would be able to start my redemption which eventually could lead to my salvation. I hesitated! Why must I tell her that I have been unfaithful and cheating? It would, no doubt, lead to severe punishment. But Mistress Emma was extremely convincing and I gave in and told her about my sins in the past.

So, the last session with my Mistress was my first step on the path of redemption. The confession was done, now I had to face the consequences, and that is why I did not like to go to her studio. And obviously, she knew. “Do you really want to go through with this slave”, was more or less the first thing she asked me. She noticed I was nervous as I knew the punishment would be fair, but still hard and it would be more than one session before my redemption could be final.

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