Slave Ownership


Of course, you are welcome for any type of BDSM-session but the main question always will be how submissive are you really? Will you take serving your Mistress serious or not? Is adoration and worshipping me on your daily agenda? How slave, will you prove your total devotion to your Mistress?

As I see it, there is only one option. You will surrender to me your most precious property, you will hand over to me yourself! Yes, you will let me own your body, mind, soul, thoughts, desires, and needs. And pay attention: giving me the ownership means you hand over the ultimate and exclusive right to do whatever I want, whenever I feel the need and wherever I choose. I will play with you, use you and break you just because I can because I have the right as your owner. If I choose to give you tasks you will work for me, execute whatever I demand and expects nothing in return.

You will be always available to me and will make no excuses. Also, you will be dedicated to handling all the tasks in time!

You will never act against me in any way intentionally or not! 

But you will appreciate the time I give to you and will use it wisely. You will not bother me 10 times a day with questions regarding your task! 

Also, you will prove me that I am a Goddess in your eyes, with small gifts when you come to visit me!

Your Mistress is in title to own you slave! So, when will you show me your commitment and give me what is legally and morally mine?

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5 thoughts on “Slave Ownership

  1. Dear Mistress. Just off your site now. It is the worded site I have come across and I have been on.a huge amount of them for last four days. Would love to get to you soon for chastity, humiliation and t&d.

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