About Mistress Emma

Before you book an appointment with me, there are a few simple, but very important things that you have to know:

I am a professional Mistress! You can be only a slave for me and nothing but a slave! That means that you have to treat me with respect. It means that you are here to listen and obey! You are here to serve me, to fulfill all my orders!

During the session, you are not allowed to do anything without asking for a permission first and receiving this permission! Once after you step into my BDSM room your body, mind, thoughts, needs, and desires become all mine! I will decide what are you gonna take and how much you are gonna take! Also how far are we gonna go! Or when you can take a break and do you need one! You are there as my toy and I will enjoy the game as much as I want!

I can give you an incredible amount of pain and pleasure. What it is gonna be it’s up to you! I will give you some orders during the session if you can fulfill them I will reward you. If you failed, if you disappointed me, if you disrespect me, I will punish you!

I like to play a different kind of games, to found where your boundaries are. Once after I found them I would like to cross them all! To break your mind using your body!

If you already read all of the above and you dare to meet me, give me a call at least one day before you come. Like this way, I can make sure that I will have a time for you and will let you know when you can come meet me. If I don’t pick up my phone right away I will give you a call as soon as I can!

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