I was extremely confident when I went to see my Mistress last week. I had really lived up to my task, was caged in and had the keys attached to a little gift. She would love to play with me I was sure. But this little voice in my head should have warned me louder: She will punish you, She will. 

What happened? Well, earlier that day She tested me. She sent me a message that we had to make a new appointment. One week delay and although I accepted her decision, I replied with an angry emoticon. That was rude and bad behavior. Unacceptable for my Mistress. But I did not realize it had made her so angry. 

So my confidence was soon to disappear. The session was all about pain and humiliation. Constantly Mylady reminded me of my shortcomings. 

Therefore the whip came down on my back. I noticed it was a different whip. It hurt in a totally different way. Mylady went on for quite some time. But there is no choice than to accept. She was right! Like always! And She reminded me about the nice long chat we had about submission. And my promise to improve. I felt extremely small. Mylady knows, every time again, how to put me in my place and in all honesty: She is right every time again. All these small stupid mistakes I make must make her crazy and angry. Will you never learn slave? You were supposed to be a better slave but again you failed. I hated myself for being so stupid. In stead of a relaxed nice session to please my Mistress, I forced her to correct me. Again!

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