I was nervous when I walked up the stairs to the room of Mistress Emma. Nervous as I was not sure whether she would accept my story or not. It was only a fort night ago since she gave me a clear and not too difficult task: “do not touch yourself, do not relief yourself, when you think of me till we meet again for our next session”. Straight forward, clear words, so nothing I could not understand.

Well, was it that easy then? My Mistress Emma gave me the order while we were having our internet video chat. And as always, while talking to her, I was very excited and had such a hard penis already for such a long time and I was constantly playing with myself while talking to her, that immediately after we finished the conversation I had to have an orgasm, I could not help myself. But that was the only time, so surely Mylady would understand that this one would not count.

When I entered her room, I was more and more uncertain whether she would accept my one orgasm as an exception. But the moment she popped the question I knew she would not! I told Mylady what had happened and immediately I saw and felt her anger. Then I tried to convince My Mistress Emma that I had no choice. “NO choice”, she said, “NO choice? You could not choose between your own pleasure and to please your Mistress? Now I know that you are such a selfish egocentric man, she said. I tried to argue with her but deep in my heart I know she was right, like she is always right.

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